How Much Time Should I Exercise Daily?

Exercising is any type of physical activity aimed at improving your body’s health. It is very important to exercise regularly for the growth and development of muscles for your body, health improvement as well as minimizing risk to body injury or damage during an accident. There are various types of exercises targeting different parts of the body such as weight-lifting, running, swimming, etc. These exercises are meant to be done under specific guidelines and can be classified into two categories; aerobic exercises and anaerobic exercises. Aerobic exercises are those exercises that use plenty of air such as running, whereas anaerobic exercises do not involve air such as weight lifting or bodybuilding.

How to Exercise

It is always important to exercise regularly for the growth and development of the body tissues and human health. For effective health you should use the following steps;


  • Ensure to train at least for two and a half hours or 150 minutes of aerobic exercises weekly. This involves exercises such as running, jogging, walking or even skipping ropes. You can integrate it to 30 minutes of the aerobic/physical exercises every day.
  • Train for anaerobic exercises at least twice or thrice a week for a minimum of 30 minutes everyday. These exercises should aim at all the parts of the body such as arms, legs, chest, abs or even the back. Depending on your age, you can do the exercises for a longer time or shorter time.
  • Do a brisk walk or jog for a minimum of 30- minute duration everyday for the perfect fitness or exercise. It is however very important to get an EHIC application to cover and ensure protection of your health from risk of injury. It also makes it easy for treatment in case of any injury or damage and pain of the body ligaments arising from the exercises.

Conditions for Exercise

  • When doing any type of exercises, it is always important to ensure that you take a balanced diet for effective growth of your body tissues and development.
  • Make a program routine that you can adhere to everyday or a guideline that you can follow consistently.
  • Have a target number of exercises to do or reach every day. Training develops gradually within time.


  • Doing regular exercises under guidelines enables development of your body muscles, tissues as well as health in general.
  • Body flexibility and loss of weight based on the intensity of the exercises.
  • Improves mood- endorphins are released to improve moods
  • Protection from diseases and injury- Your body is shielded from any types of diseases such as chronic illnesses


  • Doing exercises without consistency or proper guidelines may cause lack of proper body development.
  • Some of the exercise equipment are very expensive to obtain.
  • If you are sick it can cause fatigue due to the strength required for physical activity.


Exercises or physical activity are very important to the human body in growth, maintaining a healthy weight as well as protection from diseases or even any type of physical injuries but it is however very important to obtain an EHIC application to insure your health from any injury or sickness that may arise from excessive training. For more reviews visit

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