Fun and Quirky Gift Ideas

So you’ve got an event coming up, and you need to bring a present. Not all gifts have to be touching and full of meaning, or something deeply useful that the recipient has always wanted. Sometimes it pays to take the pressure off and just get something fun!

Funny Food

Food is always a great gift option, because everyone likes food, and even if you happen to get food that someone doesn’t like, they don’t have to worry about figuring out how to return it. There are all kinds of quirky food gifts that will make anyone happy, from snack baskets to candy bouquets.

Fandom Gifts

Everyone is a fan of something. Whether it’s a TV show or a video game or a sports team, everyone has something that they’re just fanatically interested in. And whatever fandom you’re in, there’s merchandise for it. What’s that one thing that your friend just won’t shut up about? There’s bound to be a novelty mug or figurine that they might like to have. Or you can check for more personalized gift ideas.

Novelty Drinks

In a similar vein to food items, novelty drinks make a good and unusual gift. Whether it’s an exotic spirit from the last foreign country you visited or a travel sized cocktail kit for the high-flying traveler in your life, or the fixings for a themed cocktail you think they might enjoy, drinks are also a great gift idea.


From journals to cards to post it notes, there are many quirky stationery gifts that are bound to be useful and amusing. Comedy sticky notes, humorous to-do-lists, or journals with funny themes can all make an easy and enjoyable gift idea.

There are so many lighthearted and unique gift ideas out in the world. Why settle for the same old same old when you could choose something that will make them smile? Remember, laughter is the best gift of all.

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