Does sweat resistant sportswear really work?

When playing sports or exercising, you’re bound to work up a sweat. You’re getting hot and so your body is sweating to help maintain your body temperature. However, there’s no need to feel too uncomfortable. The important thing is to choose the right clothes and materials which can help to absorb the moisture so you are not left looking like a soggy wreck.

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Materials to keep you cool

Natural fabrics such as cotton and linen breathe better and help you to feel cooler because the fabric is absorbing the moisture. However, these materials are not perfect because they retain the excess moisture which hasn’t evaporated, so everyone knows you’re sweating – and often you’ll see sweat patches under the arms, back or chest.

Fabrics to avoid include viscose, which feels light and breezy but tends to be water-repellent, silk as it can get unpleasantly moist and retains body odour, polyester that allows sweat to build up inside the shirt and nylon except in swimwear. Whilst traditionally it has been best to avoid man-made and synthetic fibres because they cling to your skin when you sweat, now manufacturers are designing sweat-resistant clothes from these materials.

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Soaking up the sweat

Sportswear containing these sweat-fighting fibres, known as performance apparel, is big business. Instead of feeling damp as your shirt or shorts soak up the excess sweat, performance apparel wicks away the sweat. If you think of the way a candle wick absorbs liquid and draws it upwards, these shirts pull perspiration away from the skin to leave you feeling dry. The material is a clever mix of polyester blends and chemical treatments which push sweat through the surface of the clothing where it evaporates.

This performance apparel is suitable for all sports and is particularly useful for athletes who compete in the summer months. If you’re in a stadium on a hot day, you can feel how the heat is building up, so imagine what it feels like if you’re actually competing. If you’re looking for football kits, for instance, you can check out designs at

Performance apparel can help to regulate your body temperature, keep you comfortable and boost performance. It is a multi-billion-pound industry as athletes benefit from keeping cool and dry. Materials that wick away sweat will make you feel drier than those which absorb perspiration.

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