A new insulin management tool to manage diabetes has been FDA approved

According to the American Diabetes Association, nearly 10 per cent of the American population has been diagnosed with some form of diabetes. This number is rising fast, with over one million new cases identified every year.


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Diabetes is currently the seventh most likely cause of death in the US – an unpleasant claim to fame rivalled by the stats of several other countries; therefore, any breakthrough in the treatment of this condition is something to celebrate.

New device for insulin dependent diabetics

News is now breaking of a revolutionary new product, known as Insulia, developed by French-American company Voluntis. This connected therapeutics company has been given the go-ahead by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to license a doctor-driven platform that manages the dose of basal insulin administered to those being treated for type 2 diabetes.

Pierre Leurent, the CEO and founder of Voluntis, explained to the press that only physicians can ‘prescribe’ the app, which comes with a ready-to-go online account and proved extremely popular during a 1,000-person clinical trial. Once activated, the patient can either use an Android or iOS mobile or static computer system to register for and use this unique, ground-breaking tool.

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Basal insulin is crucial to diabetes management, as it controls or stabilises glucose levels when food is not immediately available. Once identified as suitable for treatment, a doctor will conduct tests to decide which type of insulin to prescribe based on factors such as size, diet and activity level.

How Insulia works

This is where Insulia proves its worth, delivering an automated suggestion for the next insulin dose along with regular support and suggestions, all based on data initially input by the doctor and updated in real time by the app. Automatic data sharing means team members can monitor and confer on treatment plan adjustments remotely when necessary.

Leurent is hopeful that this app will improve the meagre 50 per cent success statistic currently available for insulin target goal success. His work, as always, continues.

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