4 Ways To Practice Sight Words

Homework begins early, kicking off in the kindergarten year. It may not be hours of worksheets, but parents are likely to be involved in their kids’ understanding of sight words and phonics. Those basic skills are vital to reading development. The sooner the information is fluent, the easier the reading process becomes. Flashcards are good to keep on hand, going through them daily, but that can get boring pretty quickly. For variety and fun, parents may try the follow four methods.

1. Use Toy Foam Guns

The mind learns through doing activities; therefore, it’s not enough to see something. Some kids really need to work through it physically. Set up an area where it’s safe to shoot off play guns and bullets. That means a space free of glass and other breakables. Then, tape up note cards with sight words written on them. Your little one then obtains a toy gun and a set of foam bullets. Call out a sight word. Your child uses the word as a target, earning one point for finding the right card and two for getting making the mark.

2. Write in Unusual Ways

Pen and paper are certainly one way to go, but a few other original approaches encourage the brain to engage with more tactile understanding. Fill a tray with shaving cream, flour or sand. Spell out terms together in the substance. Part of kindergarten curriculum Arlington MA is learning to think outside of the box and engaging with understanding. These should help with that.

3. Play Hopscotch

Rather than placing numbers in a hopscotch board, put sight words in there instead. Loved ones jump and say the word as they play.

4. Make Memory Cards

Find a stack of thick card stock. Cut it into small squares. Print each sight word on two cards. Mix them up. Lay them out, face down. Play together, turning cards over. The goal is to find a pair. Say each term aloud to ensure kids are recognizing words appropriately.

Make learning enjoyable. When kids love gaining knowledge, home work isn’t a chore.

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