Why you should crochet twine baskets and other home accessories

In addition to becoming a mainstay in many millennial and Gen Z wardrobes, crochet is taking pride of place in many people’s homes as a fashion-conscious and often eco-conscious choice of decor.

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Crochet is incredibly versatile, so you can make almost any textile furnishing. Stylist magazine recommends the use of crochet in the home to create a tactile and summery feel. Not only will crochet items in the home create a sense of texture and depth but also making them yourself will add a personal touch that can’t be replicated.

Getting started

Beginners to crochet should start with an easier project to learn the basics before moving on to more complicated items. A scarf, bookmark or blanket is ideal. To make things even easier, many companies supply crochet blanket kits that provide you with a pattern. Most crochet blanket kits will also include all the equipment you need, such as crochet hooks and yarn.

A must-have crochet item for 2024

Twine baskets add a beautiful rustic feel to any home. They can be made small or large to hold small items or larger items such as blankets or even firewood. It is no surprise that crafters are opting for this material when creating homewares. The neutral tones of twine work well with almost any decor, and it is cost-effective. Most people wouldn’t think to use this common household item for this purpose, but the result can be incredible.

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To create a twine basket, you will need twine, crochet hooks, a pattern, smooth yarn (optional), scissors, and perhaps gloves. The rustic nature of twine means it can be rougher to handle, so gloves might help; alternatively, you can limit your time to short blocks to ensure you don’t get blisters.

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