Why Marble is Such a Good Choice for your Bathroom

If you are planning to improve your bathroom and give it a makeover, why not consider using marble? For thousands of years, marble has been one of those materials that has always made a place feel and look luxurious, so it is certainly not one of those trends that is going anywhere any time soon!

Marble is also a natural material, and it is durable, so you know you are not going to have to repair or replace it in a few years’ time.

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There are many ways to use marble in the bathroom – you might want to go for the full on marble effect and have a bathroom that is entirely marble, with some accents and features such as taps, or you might want to use a little marble in contrast to something else, or to stand out against a darker colour.

Marble tiles like this www.irwintiles.ie/marble-stone-tiles are a great choice for a bathroom. When you are using them on the floor around a bath or shower, make sure that they don’t have too shiny a finish however, as you don’t want them to be slippery in these areas.

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You can also use marble in a smaller amount – if you want to add contrast in a darker coloured bathroom, then why not use marble tiles to give it not just the contrast but also the glamour that you want.

One of the other great things about marble is the versatility – whether you are after a classic bathroom style or you want something more modern, it is a material that can be used in both ways to create the effect you want.

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