Fiberglass Shell Pools – A Stylish Addition to Your Backyard

fiberglass shell pools

Fiberglass pools are the perfect addition to any backyard. They come in various shapes and sizes to suit any lifestyle and fit beautifully into various landscapes.

What sets these pools apart, though, is their durability. They are built for beauty and longevity and will withstand the harsh conditions of your backyard: water, salt, chemicals, and swimmers.

They Are Easy to Maintain

A fiberglass shell can make your backyard a place for friends and family to gather. It can also add value to your home.

When you install a fiberglass pool, you can also design your landscaping and patio around it. This allows you to create a space where people can relax and socialize between swimming laps.

Missouri fiberglass shell pools require less maintenance than other types of pools. They can hold water without losing their shape and have a non-porous surface that inhibits algae growth. They can save you money on chemicals and heating costs.

To install a fiberglass pool, a professional will prepare the site by excavating the area to the spec for the shell and clearing any debris. Once the site is ready, the fiberglass shell will be delivered and dropped into the hole dug to specification. The installation process can take as little as a few weeks! This is a significantly shorter timeframe than the typical 3-6 month installation of concrete or gunite pools.

They Are Affordable

Fiberglass pools are about 20% cheaper than a gunite (concrete) pool. That is because most of the work is done on-site by your pool builder, and a fiberglass pool shell is delivered to your home as one complete unit.

Before your pool arrives at your home, it’s manufactured in a factory environment under strict quality control. This isn’t to say you can’t customize your pool design, but it does mean that you may have limitations with shapes and sizes depending on the manufacturer’s molds.

Once your pool is installed, your builder will check for obstructions that could interfere with your project, such as overhead power lines and utility poles. They’ll also check for zoning ordinances and retaining walls or other yard features that may prevent access to the area where your new pool will be placed. This will help ensure your pool installation goes smoothly from start to finish.

They Are Durable

Fiberglass is a sturdy material that can withstand water, chemicals, and even sun damage without cracking. You don’t have to worry about kids (or pets) kicking and puncturing the shell, either. A well-made fiberglass pool will look as good a year from now as it does on the day your builders set it in the ground.

Unlike concrete pools, which are constructed as they’re installed, fiberglass pools come pre-fabricated and trucked in one piece. This means crews have to prepare the base to meet the shell exactly, and it needs to be leveled properly. It’s also crucial that the crew is experienced in making these types of cuts because once you cut a fiberglass pool, there is no going back.

Fiberglass pool manufacturers spray the first layer of gel coat onto a pre-designed mold. This seals off the interior layers from the outside, preventing moisture from affecting the polyester resin applied later to strengthen the fiberglass shell. This also prevents the formation of osmotic blisters, which can ruin the smooth finish of a fiberglass pool.

They Are Easy to Install

Fiberglass shells are constructed in controlled factory environments to ensure quality, unlike concrete pools, which are poured on-site. Because of this, they’re also a lot quicker to install. The typical pool can be ready for your first swim in just a few days, about half the time it takes to build a concrete pool.

Rectangle shapes are popular, but there’s plenty of options for those seeking something unique. Freeform designs can create the appearance of a custom pool while offering premium features like tanning ledges, a beach entry option, and ample swimming and play space.

Choosing an experienced and insured professional to handle your pool installation is important. A botched job can cost you thousands in repairs and lost time. A pro can also provide valuable home warranty coverage on their work to help protect your investment. Check online ratings and ask for insurance certificates on any pool contractors you contact.

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