Why Sitting Correctly at Your Desk Can Make You Healthier

It has been said that good posture can mean good back health and good quality of the work that you are producing. However, sitting correctly at your desk is important for many aspects of both your physical and mental health. When you sit incorrectly, your body works to support your spine and, while doing so, doesn’t provide the proper cushioning for your lumbar spine and the lower lumbar region. Working correctly with your desk will help those problems, but you must also do other daily activities correctly as well. Most of us sit with our shoulders squared forward on our desks with our hips and knees slightly rounded forward, creating a rounded curvature of the lumbar spine.You can help to alleviate this by having the correct desk set up and a Next day delivery office desks company can help with this.

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A properly aligned posture and good ergonomics help you stay seated correctly for longer stretches of time while sitting. They also keep your shoulders from hunching forward. Good posture prevents many back problems from occurring and can alleviate pain from those who are already suffering with back issues. People who suffer from back pain are advised to sit in a neutral position in their desks at all times. The use of a lumbar support cushion or backrest may help, but if it doesn’t alleviate the problem, a desk chair with proper back support is almost always a better choice.

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If you are having trouble sitting correctly at your desk, make sure that your chair is not too high, your arms are not slouched in front of your face, and that your feet are placed flat on the floor. Try to keep your hands away from your knees and hips and make sure that your chin is up and in a level position. These simple adjustments can make a big difference in both the comfort of your chair and the quality of your work.


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