The best use for an extension, in my opinion.

I really need to make my house bigger. There is a very good reason, I’m something of a hoarder. Whereas some people keep plates and knick knacks others keep photos and the like. I’m what you might call a bibliophile, a lover of books no less. There is something very noble about the art of book collecting. What’s even more remarkable is that I’ve even managed to read most of them. And that’s the problem: I’ve got no room for them and I need a nice space and comfy chair to sit in whilst I do. It will become my own private library without the dewey decimal system.

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However my books are so important to me that I don’t want any old extension to be put up to house them all. I need something that has a bit of class to it and I know just what I want. I’ve seen the perfect addition to the home and it’s one of these Oak Framed Extensions that you can get from

The only other part of this perfect scene is what to put inside it. I will need several bookshelves. Maybe I should get some oak beams and use them as this will keep up with the look of the thing. I’m really looking forward to building this inner sanctum. I might be tempted to put in a desk and maybe write my own. All the books could whisper their encouragement to me.

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