What Bones Make Up Our Spines?

When we are talking about what bones make up our spines, the first thing that comes to mind is the spine, which is a long and thin, tube like structure that starts in the lower back area and curves down towards the feet. While the spine itself is not very complex, there are several components that make up the spine that support and hold the various organs and systems that help us move and live. Some of those components are the vertebrae (where the spine meets the ribs) and the ligaments that connect the vertebrae to the ribs.

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The next part of the skeleton that is important to know is the tail. It is actually a disk-like bone that helps support the body’s weight. The other parts of the skeletal system are the hip bones (where the hips come into contact with the ribs), the rib cage (where the upper portion of the rib is found), and the scapula (the outermost part of the spine). Each of these parts and their components are vital parts of moving and living. Without them, we would be much lighter than we are, and that is why most of us have very weak bones in the areas mentioned above the tailbone alone could support the weight of an adult human being and only a very small part of the body overall!

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It is important to ensure that we do all that we can to support our spines and take up regular exercise to keep it strengthened and mobile. You should also use an Operator Chair for your chair of choice at work as this will help to protect your back during the day. If you are looking for a suitable chair you should visit companies like Bestbuy Office Chairs.

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