Tattoos and other dental decorations for a different smile

dental decorations

The decoration of the teeth is not something new. It was, for example, a common practice in pre- Columbian cultures to shape the identity of peoples, for social differentiation, to signal a transition from adolescence to adulthood or simply, a mere aesthetic question.

Today, dental ornaments are a trend that comes from the United States, where famous singers and athletes have become fashionable as a way of drawing attention, have carved their teeth in sharp shapes, wear tattoos on them or covers of authentic diamonds, gold, and silver. Madonna is one of the greatest exponents of dental decoration, after decades of the days of the day, the separation between the central incisors, and the gold teeth continue to resort to dental jewelry. Let’s see below the most frequent:

dental decorations

Tattoos on the teeth

Characters from films, television series, comics, floral motifs … Anything is susceptible to being etched on the surface of the tooth, provided that it is well. Imported from the United States, teeth – a union of the words “tattoo” and “teeth” – has entered strongly in Japan and England and consists of stamping a certain image in covers, implants or veneers that are placed on the original tooth.

The design is printed on the porcelain material of the implant, the sheath or the veneer, and is baked at over 200 degrees to ensure that it will remain unchanged, despite the humidity and conditions that occur in the mouth. If done on an implant, the tattoo can last a lifetime, the same as the implant; on a veneer, between 10 and 15 years; And, on a case, about 20 years.

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In these cases, you should never make an ex-profess crown to be able to personalize it without the patient needing it, since it involves filing the healthy tooth before the placement of the sheath and this could be aggressive.Tattoos should never be done on the original enamel and should be done by dentists to ensure that they do not affect the state of the teeth or our oral health.

For a specific moment, the image can be printed on a thin sheet and adhered to the tooth with a biocompatible resin, being able to remain days and even weeks. This is innocuous and, once removed from the surface of the tooth, it remains intact.

dental decorations


They are covered with gold, silver and sometimes precious stones that are placed on the incisors and can be removed. These elements do not come into direct contact with the tooth at the time of placing them. The downside is that they can make oral hygiene difficult since food and plaque can accumulate on the grill and cause gum irritation.

In addition, you can develop gingivitis and there is even the possibility that cavities are generated. The grills tooth can also cause abrasion on the adjacent teeth, gum recession, tooth discoloration, chipped teeth and in some cases, allergic reactions.

You should always remove the grill before eating and then perform a thorough oral cleaning. In addition, they must be cleaned daily to remove plaque and leftover food.

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As in the case of tattoos, it is recommended that it be a dentist, not a jeweler or a salesman of grills, that places them and instructs the patient about proper maintenance and possible complications.

dental decorations

Piercings on teeth

Dentists are contrary to piercings in the mouth, as they cause a shock and a friction with the teeth and dental mucosa that impairs oral health. In the case of piercings in the tongue, this is a much-vascularized muscle, basic for speech and swallowing of food and these contraptions can be a cause of fractures of teeth or fillings. The piercings labial cause continuous touch on the gum may cause its inflammation in even recession.

The difficulty of cleaning the area is another of the consequences of dental piercings; this promotes the accumulation of bacteria, triggering from halitosis, to inflammation, bleeding, and infections in the mouth and gums.

In chewing also can exist problems, because the bacteria impacted in the piercing mix with the food and they are ingested, creating difficulties in intestinal level. There have even been cases of brain abscess due to the ingestion of bacteria attached to metal earrings, and therefore the decision to apply a piercing to the mouth should not be taken lightly.

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