Preventing Hearing Loss from Loud Noise Exposure

Hearing is something that we can often take for granted. Being able to hold a conversation with people, listening to music that we love and sounds that we enjoy like the birds singing, as well as being able to listen out for danger are all things that we use our hearing for.

There are lots of ways that hearing can become damaged, and often it is possible to treat it. For example, if you can’t hear because your ears are blocked with wax, you can go to a professional like this ear wax removal Birmingham based clinic to get the wax removed which then can restore your hearing.

Some hearing loss is caused by illness or ageing and is unavoidable, but a common cause of hearing loss that you can do something about to protect yourself is hearing loss from exposure to loud noises.

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The tiny hairs in the inner ear can become damaged when noises are too loud – this is what causes the muffled or ringing effect after experiencing loud noises, and although it often goes back to normal after a while, a time will likely come when it won’t. Every time that you expose your ears to loud noises, you are at risk of hearing loss.

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It can be hard to tell when a noise is over the threshold that could be damaging – generally, noises over 85 Decibels are considered damaging, and the higher over this limit the more risk you are at. Wearing hearing protection when doing something that is noisy is how you can protect your hearing, and you can also use apps on your phone to check the decibel levels if you are unsure.

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