Looking for a Job That Supports People With Disabilities? Become a Support Coordinator

If you’re keen to make a difference in improving the lives of those living with disabilities, have you considered moving into a career that would enable you to do this full-time? While many of these roles require some medical training, becoming a support coordinator doesn’t, but you can nevertheless make a significant difference in the lives of your clients and their families.

What Does a Support Coordinator Do?

Support coordinators work closely with clients to create a support and service plan based on their needs and then find suitable providers to deliver it. They’re responsible for staying in regular contact with their clients and being there for both them and their families to help with complex subjects such as Social Services claims and financial and legal conversations. They also offer general support and a compassionate ear, ready to answer questions and provide friendly advice.

What Qualifications Do You Have To Have?

Most employers require those applying for support coordinator jobs to have a bachelor’s degree in any subject and to have at least one year’s experience in working with people with disabilities. You should pass all criminal records, fingerprinting and substance tests, and will usually need to have reliable transport as the role typically requires a lot of regional travel. Some employers may also want you to be a resident of the state or bilingual.

What Makes a Good Support Coordinator?

Good support coordinators are dynamic, action-driven people, good at problem-solving and working in a fast-moving environment where they often have to meet deadlines. They’re passionate about what they do and enjoy working with people of all ages and races. They have developed research skills and are fast learners, able to articulate complicated jargon into language their client understands. Above all, they’re organized and self-disciplined and do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Get paid to do something worthwhile and that you love. Become a support coordinator and make a difference with those who need you most.

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