What’s good to wear for autumn?

As the months of the year come towards the end of 2023 autumn is finally here. The last of the summer heat is gone, and any “Indian summers” should have departed. It’s time to think about wrapping up warm and looking at the best types of jumpers and coats to wear so that you can face the worst of the weather. Aran sweaters are by far the best option during the autumn months. With a set of aran sweaters you can be sure of a perfect outfit that was specifically designed for the weather that autumn can produce.

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What else should you be wearing at this time of year? Hats are a definite option. For men and women, the woollen beanie is an absolute must. The best thing about the beanie is that it can fit in a pocket ready for when it is needed. If the weather does get warmer, it can be quickly removed.

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A good coat is also required. However, You probably won’t need a thick one. A waterproof and windproof light jacket is all that is required. The temperature in autumn can catch you out and become warm again quite quickly. This usually doesn’t last very long, and it will soon get cold again. The answer to any clothing choice in the autumn is to make sure that you have several layers. Layering helps to trap air between your clothing which surprisingly helps to keep you warm.

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