How to avoid foot pain when hiking

Want to know how to avoid aching feet whilst hiking? Let’s get started:

  1. Don’t carry too much

When you walk, each step sends a jolt through your body and this will only be worse if you are carrying a heavy rucksack. This can accumulate over time and leave you with aching feet as well as injuries like blisters, back ache and heel spurs. Try to find ways of reducing the weight of what you carry.

  1. Wear well-fitting shoes

Choose lightweight shoes or boots. Ones that are breathable and fit your foot well are advised. You might wish to buy a size bigger as it is common to feet to swell during the day, especially during a long hike. For Hiking Boots Dublin, visit a site like Basecamp.

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  1. Remember to take breaks

When you hike long distances or over rocky terrain, your feet will begin to ache, and it is important to make frequent rest breaks. Ideally, these should be breaks where you can remove your shoes and elevate your feet for a bit, perhaps resting them on your rucksack.

  1. Don’t overlook the importance of good socks

Too avoid your feet from overheating, socks should be breathable as well as providing good cushioning. If they aren’t thick enough, rubbing can occur against your boots. If they are too thick, your feet will sweat profusely. Choose lightweight hiking or running socks.

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  1. Make the most of streams

Cleaning your feet along the way not only feels amazingly cool and refreshing but helps to improve circulation and reduces any swelling.


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