From the beginning of the Joseph Pilates method, which is the forerunner of the discipline today called “Pilates”, offered excellent benefits to those who practice it; Among the contributions provided by such a method is the most significant is the connection achieved between mind-body which is achieved with concentration when performing each exercise, and this leads to a maximum muscle performance giving excellent results in the body as It is improving flexibility, controlling balance, increasing muscle tone and optimizing breathing.


There are very few limitations that the Pilates Method exposes to be practiced, among them is the age since it can be applied both in children/adolescents and in older adults; who wants to use this method as a sports routine or discipline should only have good health in general and have a good instructor trained in the air.

Following the order of ideas, it is nowadays a trend that the elderly seek alternatives to alleviate their ailments without having to consume so many drugs becoming dependent on them; That’s why the Pilates Method is one of many disciplines that provides well-being and balance to the health of the older adult.

Being Pilates a method of physical training that is based on anaerobic exercises which are adapted to the needs of each person providing benefits at the musculoskeletal level, bringing improvements in the respiratory system, circulatory system, and contributes positively to the mood of The person who practices it.


Benefits of the Pilates Method in the Elderly

Taking into account the above, it should be emphasized that this article will emphasize the benefits provided by the Pilates Method in the various organic systems of the elderly, which are mentioned below:

Musculoskeletal system

It contributes to improve flexibility through gentle and slow stretching, on the other hand in Pilates indicates exercises to work a specific muscle group which helps to combat loss of muscle mass as it ages and thus this contributes to improve Muscle weakness, combat painful processes that are constantly present in older adults, increases muscle strength levels and helps correct inappropriate body postures.

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Osteoarticular system

Osteoarthrosis and osteoporosis are pathologies that occur almost constantly in the elderly, causing pain at the joint level and an increase in the risk of suffering from bone fractures.

 However, to prevent the occurrence of these pathologies or decrease the ailments they cause, the key is to perform regular exercises and Pilates Method provides a specific training for this purpose which has as its final objective to promote joint movement through Of techniques of low or zero impact, improving the tone and elasticity of the ligaments and contributing to the irrigation and drainage of the joint.


Circulatory system

The method benefits the circulation since, through the practice of soft and slow exercises, it improves the blood flow and transport of nutrients to the body; This again attributes another point in favor of Pilates, because the blood pressure levels will remain controlled and thus this helps the elderly people suffering from hypertension.

Respiratory system

The main pillar of the practice of the Pilates Method is to control the rhythm of breathing, and once this is achieved, the older adult will obtain excellent benefits as relaxation is when performing the exercises as it releases tensions and on the other hand improves respiratory capacity.

In psychosocial

It is important to note that the older adult will obtain benefits on the other hand when practicing Pilates, as it is in the psychosocial field, since he will be interacting with other people his own age or a little younger than them, and this also contributes to reduce the levels of stress and anxiety.


Suggestions for Seniors to Practice Pilates

Before you start on the Pilates Method, it is important that you perform a medical checkup so that you know the state of your health and can tell the instructor to guide you in practice.

  • Choose people trained in the area; That is, they are professional Pilates instructors.
  • Start the method calmly so that you avoid causing any injury or pain.
  • Perform only the exercises indicated by the instructor.
  • Advance in the Pilates Method as your body asks you, do not demand more than you can give.


Finally, it is necessary to emphasize that the Pilates Method is not the only discipline that can optimize health, there is a great variety of exercises that can be practiced by the elderly without demanding high yields nor cause injuries; The exercise must be part of our daily routine since with doing it we can obtain the best benefits for the maintenance of our organism.

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