9 Exercises To Get Six-Pack Abs

Six-Pack Abs

When it comes to training, everyone wants to get a flat and toned belly. The key to achieving this is to focus the exercises on all the muscles of the abdomen so that you can achieve an integral and complete result. Usually, athletes aim to achieve the famous six-pack. But what is often ignored when it comes to training, is that there are actually four groups of key muscles in the abdominal area.

If the goal is to achieve a toned belly in a short time, these exercises are ideal to know more about the muscles and achieve to eliminate the fat of the abdomen.

Six-Pack Abs
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First step: Know all abdominal muscles

Our belly is made up of the external oblique abdominals and the internal ones. The outer obliques are located on the upper abdominals, just on the sides of the body, below the arms. The internal oblique muscles are the muscles that are below the external and help maintain the posture. On the other hand, we also find the transverse, which are the deepest muscles of the abdomen and run horizontally surrounding it and creating a “natural belt” by toning them. The most superficial muscular group of the abdomen is the rectus abdominals that extends from the sternum to the pelvis.

Working all the muscles of the abdomen with a single exercise is impossible. That is why this combination of movements manages to reach even that abs that are not seen.

1. Roll-back

Working area:   Rectus abdominals.

Exercise:  Lie down with your back straight and keep your knees bent at 90 ° and your feet flat on the floor. Position the arms up and keeping them at shoulder height. When exhaling, bring the navel to the area of the coccyx, curving the spine in the form of a “C”. When inhaling, re-align column and straighten.

2. Roll-back with torsion

The zone that works: external and internal oblique and rectus abdominals.

Exercise:  With the arms extended forward, perform a roll-back, curving the spine in the form of a “C”. As you lower your torso turn slightly to one side, bending the elbow and pulling it back, placing it at the level of the shoulder. The other arm should be pointing to the opposite knee. Reposition your both arms forward and start again to the other side.

Six-Pack Abs
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3. Ball Abs

Working area:  Transverse, rectus abdominals, internal and external oblique abdominals.

Exercise:  Hold a medicine ball over your head and rest all the way to the bottom. Get up again until you are seated, always pushing from the core and keeping the ball on your head.

4. Crunch rolled up

Working area:  Rectum of the abdomen, oblique internal and external.

Exercise:  Kneeling by stabilizing the body by stretching tightly with one arm at shoulder height and keeping the leg opposite hip height. Exhale as you contract abs and round your back to the ceiling. Return to the starting position by gently inhaling and repeating changing sides.

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5. Dead insect

The zone that works: Transverse and internal and external obliques.

Exercise:  Lie on your back with your legs raised, your knees bent over your hip and holding your twins parallel to the floor. Lift your arms toward the ceiling and contract your abs. Exhale with one knee toward the chest and the opposite arm down, helping to extend the other leg. Repeat several times and change sides.

Six-Pack Abs
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6. Lunge with brief jumps

Working area:  Rectus abdominals.

Exercise:  Position yourself by placing your left foot in front of your right about two or three feet apart and slightly flexing your knees. Jump by modifying in the air the position of the legs and landing with the right leg forward. It is very important to keep your knees bent when you land to avoid injury.

7. Toe

Working area:  Transverse.

Exercise:  Sit with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Rest a bit by supporting the forearms below the back as a point of support. Lift your legs by placing your knees bent over your hip and calves parallel to the floor. Inhale with the tip of the foot toward the ground and holding the other knee at right angles. Exhale to return to the starting position and start again.

8. Bicycles

The zone that works: Internal and external oblique, transverse.

Exercise:  Lie on the floor and entwine the fingers of the hands to carry them behind the head. Lift the shoulder blades off the floor at the same time as the knees are carried towards the chest. Stretch one leg until it reaches a 45 ° angle and twists the body so that the knee that remains flexed joins with the opposite elbow. When intercalating the movement of the limbs a similar action must be achieved a slow and smooth “pedaling”.

Six-Pack Abs
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9. “Jean-zip”

Working area:  Abdominal transverse.

Exercise:  With some discretion, this exercise can be performed throughout the day. The key is to imitate the daily movement that is performed by fastening any tight jeans. Bring the navel to the spine and then upwards, subtly raising the pelvic floor.

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It is important to remember that exhaling in the abdominals should be performed whenever the greatest effort is made, leaving inhalation for the moment when the muscles contract to a lesser extent.

Getting a flat and toned abdomen requires the work of all the muscles involved, so it is essential to combine exercises and never lose sight of proper nutrition and a general parallel training so that the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area is becoming less and less Can be exercised more easily.


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