Have you ever thought about composing your own Bucket List

Firstly, what is a bucket list?  This terminology derives from the old saying “To kick the bucket” basically meaning to die!  A Bucket List is essentially a once in a lifetime adventure, a list of things you have never done before but want to do before you die.  Anything can go on to your list, as it’s all about what you want to achieve before you pass away, what goals you wish to accomplish, what dreams you want to fulfil, so it’s a very personal list.  From adventurous wishes like, abseiling down a tall building, to skiing in the Alps, or swimming with dolphins to simpler wishes like visiting the Rockefeller Tree in New York at Christmas time.

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Your list could be achieved in your lifetime, if the only thing holding you back from completing your Bucket List of dreams is purely lack of finances, why not think about selling your current property and purchasing a Park Homes Gloucestershire from a company such as http://www.parkhomelife.com/our-parks/orchard-park-homes-gloucester-gloucestershire this way you could have a substantial pot of money to actually afford to complete your list.  With house prices soaring, now is a fantastic time to sell and with a standard, three bedroomed property with a garden and parking selling for at least £275,000 and the price of a modern two bedroomed Park home, with a garden and parking costing on average £175,000 it would leave you a clear £100,000. How about trekking The Inca Trail in South America? Starting in Chillca and following the famous route all the way to Machu Picchu, The Lost City of the Incas. Or maybe going horse-back riding across a beautiful sandy beach, is on your Bucket List?

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Travelling, features on many people’s Bucket Lists and going to faraway places like, The Pyramids in Egypt or, Niagara Falls in Canada or maybe taking a World-Wide cruise to see as many Countries, cities, and places as possible. If travelling isn’t really what you want to try before you die, maybe meeting a famous person or learning a new language, connecting with old friends or family that you’ve maybe been estranged from?  Maybe you want to get fit and take part in a marathon?  The famous quote from the American composer William Ross, “Every Man Dies, Not Every Man Lives” and the quote from an unknown author that says “The Only People to Fear Death Are Those with Regrets” encompasses the meaning behind the ethos of a Bucket List.

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