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How Weight Loss Affects Your Metabolism

Losing weight can slow down your metabolism – we tell you how to prevent it. A recent article published in the New York Times talks about the impact of significant weight loss in our metabolism. The interesting article reveals the tremendous inequality of the resting metabolic rate (TMR) among those who have lost a lot of weight and those in a control group of the same weight (who have not lost weight). Continue reading

Diabetes and Weight Loss: 4 Tips to Help You Succeed

If someone told you that you had to take medicine every day for the rest of your life, just to stay healthy, you wouldn’t want to do that. After all, no one wishes to be a slave to medicine and pills. But, if you have diabetes you need to ensure that you are managing and controlling your illness using drugs.

Or do you?

New research has suggested that a proper diet and weight loss regime is the key to ditching the drugs. You can ensure that you don’t have to rely on medicine in the face of diabetes. Continue reading