Creating a Bail System Happened Long Ago

A long time ago, a wealthy landowner’s son got into a fight with another wealthy landowner’s son after a long night of drinking. What the two men argued about has been lost over time, but what is known is that the families intervened when they young men decided to fight a duel to settle the argument. Knowing the result of a duel could be the loss of one of the drunkards’ lives, a tribunal was arranged to resolve the issue. To make it binding, both families agreed to post a “surety” to make sure the wayward son did not leave town before the issue was ruled upon by the judge.

This is how the bail system came into existence.  Since then it has changed over the years in several ways, so it is a very different thing nowadays to post bail Surry County NC.

A Legal Surety

A surety began as a friend of the family who agreed to pay all required costs the tribunal ruled as acceptable payment needed to settle the argument. If either accused left town before the judges could rule on the matter, the wealthy family friend was asked to pay the full court costs, as well as any damages requested by the other family. In the Old West, if the accused disappeared, a bounty hunter was often sent to bring him or his body back to the court.

A Court Adjustment

A version of the bail system has carried through to modern times, and judges now request bail amounts be paid before accused individuals can leave the arresting precinct. However, bounty hunters are no longer allowed to take matters of law into their own hands and return with a body. Bail amounts are also now mandated by each state instead of individual judges.

Over time the bail system may have changed, but one thing that has not changed is the need for bail. Working with a knowledgeable agent can make sure you are released from your cell as quickly as possible. Do not forget to request a lawyer — you will probably need one.

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