Caring for Aging Parents From a Distance

As your parents near the age of retirement, you may feel obligated to do what you can to help take care of them. Unfortunately, you may live thousands of miles away from them. Rather than consider moving your life closer to your parents, gain insight into how you can help take care of them right where you are now.

Look Into Local Resources

Chances are, you can find resources for elder care Bethesda MD where your parents live. Specifically, look into elderly facilities and caregivers. That way, you have a better idea of where to turn if your parents need a place to recover after surgery or when they need assistance with everyday tasks. Let your parents know about your search, because they could have an insurance policy that helps you find the right healthcare provider or facility. No matter which methods you use during your search, be sure to check credentials, licensing and the like to find reputable, trustworthy options.

Start Now

Rather than wait until your parents actually need professional assistance, go ahead and start narrowing down options now. Another reason to start now is so that you can talk with your parents about the type of assistance and facility they would like, information that they may not be able to convey later on. For instance, do they prefer in-home care, or would they mind living in a retirement community?

Work With a Geriatric Care Manager

You are not the first adult child who wants to care for her or his aging parents from several states away. Consult with a geriatric care manager for tips and insights into how to do what’s best not only for your parents, but for you, too. Care managers can inform you of useful resources you can put to good use.

It is entirely possible to help care for your elderly parents right where you are. Work with your mom and dad as well as professionals in their area for everyone’s peace of mind.

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