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How to be a more elegant woman with some simple tricks

How to be a more elegant woman with some simple tricks

Being an elegant woman goes beyond wearing clothing and accessories of luxury brands, is synonymous with good taste, attitude, education, and class. In this post, we will discuss how to be a more elegant woman with some simple tricks.

It is a lifestyle that only some women decide to adopt, but being elegant is not as complicated as it seems and we can all become one if we want to. Therefore, we leave you some tips to surprise everyone and become the most elegant woman you would like to be.

10 tricks to be an elegant woman

  • Improve your posture
  • Light makeup
  • Know yourself more
  • Avoid carelessness
  • Invest
  • Watch your mouth
  • Be more accurate
  • Find a balance
  • Leave more to the imagination
  • Do not shout the brand
  1. Improve your posture: It will not do any good if you look gorgeous if you’re bent or pulling your belly. Try to keep your back straight when you are standing, but also when you walk and you feel. It is important that your posture is natural and comfortable with it; otherwise, you will look fake instead of elegant.
  2. Light makeup: For example, if your eyes are dark or very flashy, choose a nude lipstick but if you want to paint your lips red, make up your eyes in a more natural way. An elegant woman does not need kilos of makeup to excel.
  3. Know yourself more: Identity which are the tones that go best with your skin tone and what are the clothes that favor your body, without looking vulgar. It is also important that you identify your personal style and that you be faithful. Avoid following trends, which do not go with you just because they are fashionable.
  4. Avoid carelessness: Dirty, wrinkled or old-looking clothing projects a bad image of you and is elegantly zero in a woman. The same applies to your hygiene and personal care, from your hair and your smell to your nails should look good.
  5. Invest: We recommend investing in items that will give a classy touch to any of your outfits, such as a good pair of stilettos or a bag that is easy to combine and that you can always use. A sophisticated perfume that goes with your personality is also a great investment.
  6. Watch your mouth: Avoid using profanity and shouting when speaking, the most elegant women stand out for their good education and kindness. In addition, they are usually educated and intelligent, so they always have an interesting topic of conversation. Light makeup
  7. Be more accurate: Make sure the clothes and shoes you wear are your sizes. Something that is too big or too tight will never look good and less elegant. You must also be wise to adapt to the weather and the occasion, respect the etiquette codes of the events you go to.
  8. Find a balance: You can adopt different tendencies, without abusing. For example, avoid using more than three different colors in your outfit and do not combine animal print with sequined garments or metallic colors. Your accessories should also be in balance with your look; when you resort to neutral-toned clothing it is better to wear flashy pieces but if your clothes are very heavy you should choose discreet accessories. This is the key to being a more elegant woman.
  9. Leave more to the imagination: Teaching too much skin is not sexy, it’s vulgar. The best thing is that you are more subtle. We suggest you use one neckline at a time, either on the back or chest. If you wear a tight blouse, it is best that your skirt is long and your pants baggy.
  10. Do not shout the brand: It is not necessary that we know who is the designer of each of the pieces you are using. In fact, elegant women tend to be more discreet and do not need to wear the most expensive clothes to highlight their class, because they know that elegance has to do with their good taste and not with their money.