Three unique ways to earn more money outside your typical 9 till 5

Most of us would not say no to a bit of extra money. Besides the regular work day, what ways are there to legitimately earn extra money? Here are some ideas that are unusual or unique to make some extra dosh:

Take part in a clinical trial

Doing your bit for science and humanity can pay pretty well. Several trials regularly look for healthy candidates, not just those who suffer from the condition or disease, to see how people respond to new treatments. You will be taken very good care of and receive payment for maybe a few weeks of time and effort. For more details on Bridging Studies, visit a site like Richmond Pharmacology, leaders in Bridging Studies.

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Dog Walking or Sitting

If you love animals, then why not set up a local dog walking or sitting service? You can operate it in your spare time and people are always crying out for help with their pets while they are away or at work all day. Put the word out on social media for free advertising and raise cash while getting some exercise too!

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Focus groups

Many companies pay consumers to meet together and provide feedback about a service or product. If you are invited to attend one or more of these focus groups, you will be compensated for your time. Online groups are a great option if transportation is a problem. Just try a web search for a focus group near you or join an online community for product testing or paid surveys.


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