Why Did Fishermen Wear Aran Sweaters?

Why did fishermen wear aran sweaters in the winter, when their clothing was so warm and thick? The answer is one word: Protection. wool, a material that has the properties of insulating and lightweight, is perfect for a fisherman’s life. Because it is breathable and lightweight, it traps heat and can help keep you from being uncomfortable while out on the water, and it is very waterproof. A perfect example is the Aran Sweaters from Shamrock Gift.

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Of course, many fishermen have other things on their mind besides catching fish, and it can be difficult to keep up with the many gadgets, tools, and gizmos that we have. Some may be using GPS systems, which is great, but there is another element that you should think about, and that is protection. Many of the early fishermen that made use of aran or Merino wool clothing did so because it provided them with warmth and protection that their other equipment did not offer.

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A second major reason why a fisherman would want to wear an aran sweater as opposed to a heavy knit sweater or down jacket is because an aran sweater is breathable, which allows the wearer to have great mobility while out on the water. You can also find aran sweaters that are made especially for fishermen, offering some great features that traditional fishermen will love, including buttoned pockets and a drawstring waist for extra comfort. For a fisherman, it is definitely worth considering whether or not a Merino sweater would be a good choice for them. Remember, these sweaters were originally designed for fishermen, and they were extremely effective at keeping them warm and protected, even on cold nights.

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