Top Tips for Preparing For University

Getting into university will likely be a monumental time in your life and whilst starting university is exciting, it will likely be an anxious time for you too. You’ll probably want to prepare as much as possible and I will share some top tips to help.

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Firstly, remember that no matter how many people talk about how great ‘university life’ is, your main reason for going to university is to get a degree, so it’s good to be focussed from the start rather than catch up later. Make sure to check the reading list if you have been sent one, especially if you are studying something like English or Law. If you are a perfectionist however, remember that you are going to university to learn, so there is no expectation that on your first day you already know everything about the subject.

Secondly, organise your accommodation and student loan with plenty of time so you’re not worrying about these essential things at the last minute. If you are going to University of Gloucestershire, and are looking for Student Accommodation Cheltenham, check out Student Accommodation in Cheltenham from your perfect pad.

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Another tip is to learn how to cook before you move to your accommodation, or buy a good student cookbook for cooking on a budget. Living away from home for the first time and the stress of studying can make many students resort to buying takeaways and ready-made meals. However, this is not only expensive, but also not healthy for your body. Cooking your own meals will not only set you up for cooking for yourself in the future, but also support your body through the stress of studying and the late nights you are likely to have.

Lastly, learn to relax! University can be tough and unfortunately, the stress can make some people’s university days anything but the best days of their lives. Learning a few relaxation or meditation exercises, or even making a list of things you can do to unwind, such as listening to music or yoga, can prevent serious problems related to stress in the future.

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