Top 3 Tips for Keeping Your Gums Healthy

You probably already know how important it is to take care of your teeth, but sometimes it’s easy to forget about your gums. While most people don’t give them a second thought, gums actually play an important role in sealing the teeth and need to be kept healthy in order for your oral health to be its best. In fact, neglecting your gums over time can even lead to tooth loss! To keep your gums in top shape, all you have to do is implement a few simple tips.

1. Visit a Periodontist

While you may already visit your dentist every six months, if you’re concerned about the health of your gums, consider visiting a periodontist, too. Periodontists are specialized dentists that can diagnose gum disease, such as gingivitis, for example, as well as periodontitis. If you need dental implants or non-surgical gum treatment Long Island, for instance, consider making an appointment with one of these specialists.

2. Brush Gently

You already know to brush your teeth twice a day, but the way you brush them can actually affect your gums, too. If you’re too rough, your gums could get irritated. Instead, try brushing gently in small, circular motions.

3. Avoid Sugary Foods

Finally, while you might know that eating a balanced diet and avoiding foods high in sugar is good for your teeth, you might not know that it’s essential for your gum health as well. Since sugary foods – or drinks like soda – can lead to plaque, which can lead to gingivitis if not removed, try to avoid them and choose fresh produce and unprocessed foods instead whenever possible.

Your gums play an important role in keeping your teeth in good shape and are a core part of oral health. Try these tips, and your gums are sure to stay healthy for years to come!

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