Three Ways to Support Your Loved One in Memory Care

Moving a loved one to a memory care facility can be an emotional and challenging experience for any family. Often times when the need arises for a memory care facility there are a lot of worries and stressors that can affect the individual who is suffering from memory loss as well as the loved ones and caregivers for the individual. Here are three ways you can support your loved one in memory care.

Visit or Connect Often

Even if your loved one in memory care Denver is struggling to remember you or your family members, continuing to visit, call or send letters and cards is an important way to let them know you care and bring some reminders to them of their life before they started experiencing memory loss. While it may be hard to see your loved one struggling to remember parts or all of their life, your consistent presence will allow them a sense of comfort. Visiting also allows you to connect with staff who are supporting and caring for your loved one and see how they are doing within their daily life.

Ask Questions

While it might be hard to openly share with new people, it is imperative you develop a relationship and feel comfortable asking questions about your loved one and their daily life and care. There will be many people who play a part caring for your loved one so getting to know as many of them as possible will help you feel more comfortable and trust your loved one’s care to new people. If you experience dissatisfaction with any care of your loved one or answers to your questions, make sure to move your requests to higher levels of management or even the state or local department of health who would oversee the quality and conditions of care in residential facilities.

Take Care of You

As with all aspects of caregiving, making sure you are as healthy as possible mentally and emotionally is necessary to be the best support person for your loved one. Make sure you have a support system behind you for those days that are difficult and schedule time to relax and do activities which are life-giving and relaxing for you. Self-care is critical to your ability to sustain the stress of supporting someone in memory care.

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