The Rise in Popularity of Takeaway Food

In the contemporary world, life is becoming ever more fast paced. More people than in generations past are juggling full time work with the demands of home and family and there is often no one at home to prepare a wholesome meal. But of course we all have to eat and so many people are turning to alternatives to home cooked meals, such as ready meals and takeaways.


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How Much Takeaway Do We Eat?

According to the Guardian, UK residents spend a staggering 30 billion pounds on fast food and takeaways every year. This is a huge outlay and the shift from cooking from scratch at home is most likely a result of the modern trend for both parents in a family unit to work outside of the home. This delicate balancing act means that although we have less time in general, we may well have more disposable income. This enables families to purchase takeaway meals on a more regular basis than ever before, effectively outsourcing the job of providing sustenance for the family.

Which Takeaways Are The Most Popular?

We tend to think of convenience food as being a modern phenomenon; however this is not really the case. Fish and chip shops first came into being well over a hundred years ago and in fact were mentioned by Charles Dickens in his novels. Of course, in recent years there has been a massive increase in the range of different types of foods on offer. According to the BBC, Chinese and Indian restaurants are amongst the most popular in the UK, with a vast array of dishes to choose from. This choice also makes it easier for customers to select healthier options wherever possible.

Changes In the Way We Access Takeaway Food

There has been another major shift, that of how we are ordering takeaway meals. In years gone by, this would have meant trudging down to the chip shop which took some of the element of convenience out of the experience. But with the increase in readily available technology, websites such as Just Eat are enjoying massive popularity. Hungry customers can now order online from their favourite restaurants, pay by debit or credit card and have their choice of food delivered directly to their door.

The huge boom in consumption of fast food means big business for restaurant owners. There is a real need for quality kitchen equipment and commercial fridge freezers to keep up with growing demand and you can view suitable products at important thing to remember is to use takeaway meals in moderation and as part of a generally healthy diet. The huge variety of different cuisines now on offer means that it is also often possible to make more sensible choices which can reflect this aim. In this way, the busy modern population can make use of fast food to ease time pressures, without compromising on keeping the family well nourished and fit.

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