The Battle Between Garcinia Cambogia And African Mango

Today, with many weight loss options, the GarciniaCambogia Extract and the African Mango supplement has grabbed the attention of many users worldwide and the media with its enthusiastic reviews. They have also both been the attraction of popular health shows on television. Experts have claimed that both ‘wonder’ fruits are beneficial for losing weight yet completely safe. Now, a question arises: which supplement is most effective for weight loss?

The GarciniaCambogia, according to Dr. Oz is the “Holy Grail of Weight Loss”. It comes in the shape of a pumpkin tamarind that contains rich HCA (Hydroxycitric acid) that burns unwanted fat and helps your cravings. You can feel satisfied with a small portion of food. Not only does the GarniciaCambogia help in losing weight, but it also stimulates the serotonin levels in the brain which helps lift the mood of a person hence reducing the chances of a person emotionally eating. It also decreases the cholesterol levels and blocks more fat from forming.

The Battle Between Garcinia Cambogia And African Mango

The African Mango also has plenty to offer. The nut of the fruit contains carbohydrates and rich fats that our body needs. This means that the fruit can replace the carbohydrates you eat on a normal basis such as wheat, potato, pasta, etc. Since it contains soluble fibre, it helps the metabolism rate burning more fat and at the same time raising energy levels. The Africans, in the past also used it for medicine.

Now that we have explored their benefits and values, it still leaves us with the ultimate question. Which of two is better?

It is exceptionally difficult to answer as both have great weight loss effect and reviews from actual users. GarniciaCambogia Select and the African Mango Plus helps you from binge eating, burns fat at a stationary position and both show no side effects in most cases. When the side effects does take place it has an extremely mild effect like dizziness which often is the result of the change in the body but not the product itself. Nevertheless, the African Mango provides more nutrients that are highly beneficial. It also reduces more weight without having to restrict yourself to a calorie count.

However, some claim that with the African Mango, there are still too many variabilities to consider on how the product actually works. Another option many people take is combining the two supplements. It has no side effects and is believed to be a great combination of various nutrients and a fat burner.

With that being said, its totally up to the user to choose which they prefer. We would recommend Garcinia based on the fact that it suppresses appetite while blocking fat production. It also doesn’t require any modification to current lifestyle in order to work. However studies show that with the right diet and exercise program, garciniacambogia supplements can double or even triple weight loss results when taken at the right dosages.

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