Provillus Reviews

The Provillus reviews I have read all point towards successful hair growth and a fresh look. Going bald especially prematurely is a development that gets most people off guard and hence requires a little getting used to. Sometimes you never come close to getting used to it and therefore you may find yourself becoming too self-conscious. In fact, some people take hair loss so badly that it affects their self-esteem.

Why premature hair loss?

This is something that many people wonder because there are plenty of theories doing the rounds. The scientific reasons that you go bald have little to do with what you do or fail to do ̶ the reason Provillus is a handy rescue.

  • Men baldness

This is mainly hereditary and goes by the term, Male Pattern Baldness (MPB). You should brace yourself for early baldness if you see other male family members going bald early. It has something to do with the composition of hormones that run in your blood and that is the issue that Provillus addresses.

  • Women baldness

This usually has nothing to do with the class of salons that you frequent or the hair treatments you do at home. It has a lot to do with:

  • Your family line: it is sometimes hereditary
  • Hormonal imbalances

This particular point makes a lot of sense when you consider that most women begin to experience hair loss during menopause.

  • Pertinent health condition

Cases of extreme malnutrition can cause hair loss just like some prescription medication. In cases of malnutrition you will definitely have to take care of your feeding first before you think of Provillus or anything else like that because poor feeding will not just cause your hair to fall off but will make you vulnerable to all manner of diseases.

Provillus Reviews

Whereas you need to see a physician to address any underlying health issues or to explain the inevitable situations like in the case of cancer treatment, you can handle hair loss in all other circumstances at your own time, thanks to Provillus.

What exactly does Provillus do?

This product has both physiological and psychological impact on people. When you go bald, you do not just lose your hair but your perception of how others see you. So Provillus helps you to:

  • Stop your hair from falling off
  • Address the hormonal issues that cause the loss of hair
  • Resume hair growth
  • Regain your self confidence

How does Provillus work?

The product contains Minoxidil, a medication that works through dilation of blood vessels, and so it enables a good supply of blood to reach the hair follicles. This, in turn, helps the follicles to open up and allow fresh hair to grow through.

Why do many people seem to go for Provillus?

  • The product consists of natural ingredients.

This allays any fears of side effects as most natural products do not adversely affect the way the body works.

  • Its component ingredients have been approved by the FDA (Food & Drug Association) so the product is safe to use.
  • Provillus gives fast results. Within only a few weeks of using the product, everyone will be able to notice a significant difference on your head because fresh hair will be visible on areas that were previously shiny bald.
  • The fact that the product is available online is appealing. Buying online accords you privacy in case you are concerned that you will get tongues wagging.
  • The product works even when your hair loss has been an issue for years.

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