Patterned flooring ideas for your house or outbuilding

Are you looking to redecorate a room, do up your outbuilding or simply update it by laying a new floor? Whether you are looking at wood, tiles or carpet, there are some exciting and colourful patterns available to ensure you get the wow factor.  The bonus with wood is any left over flooring you have can be made into all kinds of furniture, bird houses or little units for your shed.  You could also get some garage shelving from sites like garage shelving to finish it off and your garage will look like an annex.

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Classic parquet design

Parquet does not have to be in a block or herringbone pattern; instead, if you are feeling bold and want to give your room a modern look, you can go for a more intricate design that will complement a minimalist, Scandinavian look. You can stick to more traditional timber stains such as cherry, walnut and oak or go for giant coloured parquet, which looks really funky.

Stripy carpet

Stripes are still big in the design stakes and can create an amazing look on a staircase or in a living or dining room. Putting stripes up a stairway adds height, while they will add length or width on a floor.

Geometric tiles

While the thought of carpet tiles might conjure up those thin, scratchy ones you had at school, think again – things have moved on since then. Carpet tiles may not be an obvious choice but you can now find them in funky geometric patterns that create a striking effect in any room. Make sure the pattern is not too dizzying on the eye. You might want to consider an online flooring company to get some ideas, samples or advice.

Patterned floor tiles

These come in a variety of materials, including vinyl and traditional stone. They can be cleverly used to add lots of interest with a decorative pattern that can be accented in your curtains or blinds. Many homeowners are copying their Victorian ancestors and adding bold floral or geometric designs, which look very effective. According to the BBC, the best flooring for areas with heavy foot traffic is encaustic tiles.

Zigzags or checks

Probably more suited to a bathroom, classic black and white checks still look amazing; however, if you are feeling brave, why not go for a zigzag to add interest?

Mosaic vinyl

Make like the Romans and have a beautiful mosaic. You could pretty much have any design you want, from something opulent for a hallway or entrance to a simple block pattern in a bathroom or cloakroom.

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