How to Shop for Workout Gear on a Budget

Let’s be honest, workout gear can get very expensive. Men and women alike may find themselves staring back at price tags that are more akin to formal-wear than something you’re going to sweat in for an hour or two each day. You can’t just show up in a ginja ninja shirt either, you need to look and feel great when you work out. But with all of the fancy materials and high-performance capabilities that are part and parcel of the best workout clothing on the market, it’s no wonder you may be pondering a second job just to pay for your fitness attire.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t need to pay full retail price for every piece of workout gear you need in order to get decked out properly next time you hit the gym. Here are some helpful hints to shopping for workout gear on a budget.

Department Stores

You’re likely well aware of the big savings you can find at stores like Target and Walmart. But instead of finding lower prices on household items and groceries, you can also find a wide array of workout gear in both stores. Men and women can both score big bargains on everything from tops to shoes many of which are name brands too. Kohl’s and Marshalls are also good places to look because these stores specialize in close-outs and clearances on national brands as well, like Nike, Under Armor, and Adidas.

How to Shop for Workout Gear on a Budget

Outlet Stores

If you’re particular about labels, you may feel like you need to go directly to the Adidas store or Niketown to get your gear. But you’re not all that keen on paying full price even if you’re adamant about having quality attire that you trust. Well, there’s a solution to that conundrum and it’s called the outlet store. You can buy directly from your favorite brand and get the gear for deep discounts because these items are often discontinued. You’re still getting the same quality gear on attire that the company is clearing out to make room for new inventory in their retail shops at the malls and shopping centers.


I’m not suggesting you buy someone else’s used gear (really, who wants another person’s old hoodie or track pants), but I am suggesting you check out Ebay for deep discounts on new items from the major retailers you know and trust. Companies like Asics and New Balance have accounts on the online auction site where you can buy sneakers directly from the manufacturers at a lower cost. It’s sort of like going to an outlet store without leaving your couch. You can buy brand new running shoes and cross-trainers at a discount. Just be aware, you may not find all sizes and colors available since they usually offer a limited amount of pairs in each available variant. But that doesn’t mean you won’t find a good pair of sneakers.

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