How To Find an Insurance Agent You Trust

A good insurance agent does more than just sell policies for your home, auto, life, or health. Most people prefer to have a relationship with an insurance provider, so they have someone to turn to for good advice and assistance in times of need. Instead of signing up for coverage online and hoping for the best, why not find a local agent to protect you and your family? These tips can help you know what to look for when you search for an insurance agent Glendale AZ for coverage.

Word of Mouth

Start by asking friends and family who they use for insurance. It’s easier to get names of agents that may have already been vetted by people you know and trust than trying to research agents on your own. You may luck out and find that several people in your inner circle use the same agency. At the very least, you should get a short list of names to then pursue.

Background Check

Once you have narrowed down your list of potential agents, you can delve into their backgrounds a bit to learn more about them. Why not start with the state regulating agency to check on their licensing and any filed complaints against them? Look into their financial rating as well; you can tell a lot about how a business is run based on a combination of information that you uncover.

Personal Interview

Schedule a face-to-face appointment to meet an agent and ask any questions you may have. Is this an independent office or does it work with a single insurer? How much experience does the staff have with claims? Can the agent give you references? The more willing an agent is to share information with you, the more likely he or she is to encourage a personal relationship with clients.

If you find an agent with whom you connect and he or she offers the coverage you need, you should enjoy a positive relationship for years. That’s why it is worth the effort to investigate an agent who can advise you on your insurance needs.

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