Fun Projects for Those Who Like To Tinker

Some people were born with idle hands and some were born with hands that constantly need to stay busy. If you are always trying to fix things around the house yourself or taking things apart to see how they work, you are the latter. There are plenty of projects out there for people who like to restore and fix things that will be very satisfying when completed. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Go Fishing

Buying a small boat to take out fishing can be great fun, and it can be cheap if it is in need of repair. Most small boat engines are about as complicated as a lawnmower engine and discount boat parts are easy to find almost anywhere. It will all be worth it once you have caught that first fish.

Refurbish an Antique

Something that can be great fun is cruising garage sales for old wooden furniture in need of restoring. A little love and a lot of stripping and sanding can take an old table or cupboard from a piece of firewood to a beautiful antique that you could turn around and sell for big bucks. Refinishing furniture is tedious and time-consuming, just the reason you fell in love with tinkering in the first place.

Take the Bus

The restoration project of all restoration projects is bringing an old decrepit automobile back to life. The greatest example of this is restoring a VW bus. It’s a project that can cost some serious money in replacement parts but has the ultimate reward of driving around a classic that you can be immensely proud of. Reselling restored VWs can also be very lucrative, a just reward for all your hard work.

While tinkering isn’t for everyone, these projects can give deep satisfaction to those out there with curious minds and a talent for repair. From an old boat motor to a rotting cabinet to a rusted-out VW bus, these restoration projects will bring joy, and maybe even extra money, to your life.

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