Guide for first days of the baby at home

baby at home

A baby at home can bring a little uncertainty to parents. After the delivery, the baby and the mother have all the support and attention of the doctor, the nurses and the relatives during the stay in the clinic. However, when it is time to go home, new parents are filled with concern and many doubts.

The newborn is a helpless being. Therefore, it is essential that as a parent you know how to act in those 28 days, in which the baby is considered as a newborn. It is important to know the changes, the characteristics and the possible alterations that you may have in that period.

The professionals affirm that the best tools to survive the first weeks will be the instinct, the affection and the common sense of the parents. In addition, the adaptation will be the basis so that the first days baby at home do not become a chaos.

Baby at home: how to adapt?

The birth of a baby is an experience of immense happiness for the whole family. However, at the same time, it is a new experience that can cause fear to new parents, especially because they must make the effort to adapt as quickly as possible.

how to adapt

The first thing you should know is that your routine will change completely and that planning will be key so that stress does not take hold of them. They should establish routines, schedules, and activities that allow them to spend time with the baby and, also, rest.

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Give space to the mother and the baby

The mother, upon arriving home, wishes to share with her new family, husband, and son, and adapt to the new moments they will live together. Therefore, you should not invade the space that this new home needs.

By keeping the child for nine months in the womb, the baby was in a warm environment, with dim light and accompanied by the confidence and security that his mother generates.

Once it is born, it faces a change of environment, sounds, temperature, and sensations. Therefore, it is necessary to understand their feelings, anxieties, and anxiety about the unknown. In this way, the adaptation process of the new family will be enjoyable in all senses.

The baby does not need to be carried, touched, moved, or invaded. In these moments, what he needs the most is his mother’s company, which generates calm and security.

Organize the baby room at home

When designing the baby’s room at home, it creates a warm, relaxing, comfortable and adapted to your needs. Think of the distribution of the function room for you and your partner. When choosing the colors, remember the neutral tones so as not to disturb your baby. For example, sky blue, melon, light green and pastel yellow are tones that create a sense of peace and tranquility.

baby room at home

Make sure you have the space clear of obstacles to avoid trips. You will have the baby in your arms and, the fewer things you have around you, the better.

Children feel an uncontrollable desire to browse their surroundings, so avoid all the dangers. That is, do not leave objects within your reach that you can put in your mouth or with which you can hurt yourself. Create an environment free of possible dangers, where you can move safely.

Distinguish what is necessary from what is dispensable. Keep the basics in mind that in your bedroom there are three actions that you will perform around the baby: dress him, change him and put him to bed. Therefore, the three essential things that your room should have are the crib, changing table and closet.

Collaborate in those tasks that the mother demands

After giving birth, the mother needs a lot of support, since she will not be able to do some household chores. For example, a mother with a newborn child can not clean the house, because she is in a quarantine stage in which she must only dedicate herself to her recovery and her son.

At no time can the child remain alone and we know that, like his mother, he also needs to bathe and rest. For this reason, it requires the company of someone to be able to do these things without feeling afraid that something can happen to the baby.

For this reason, it is important that you are not alone at home and have the support of relatives, whether husband, mother or aunt. Beyond the physical support that can give, is also important moral and sentimental support to encourage and raise their mood.

Avoid so many visits

We know that everyone wants to meet the newborn. However, for the child, it is not good that so many people are around him because they cause fatigue and stress. In this case, it establishes visiting hours and prevents the child from being charged so much.

There is no doubt that the arrival of a new member of the family is synonymous with happiness. However, during the first days, the family members can participate by collaborating with things that the mother allows and needs.


A baby at home does not have to worry. After nine months of waiting, the baby finally arrives home and we know that for the whole family it is a blessing to know the new member. However, the first few days of the baby at home should be calm, since you will find yourself in a process of adaptation.

baby at home

These first days are really important for the mother to learn to organize and give all the love and love to her baby. But it also needs emotional and physical support to be able to face this new stage in the best way possible.

For that reason, giving words of encouragement and not overwhelming it is the best support that each member of the family can offer. In this way, she will feel confident about what she is doing and will play an excellent role as a mother.

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