5 Tips to choose a good nanny


In this article we talk about to choose a good nanny or babysitter. Nowadays, almost all parents – husband and wife – work for a long time in order to offer the family security and economic stability. On some occasions, they must, unfortunately, leave their children at home in the care of other adults. Although you have to sacrifice time with them many times, the reward is to provide them with economic stability.

Although the greatest desire of a mother is to dedicate herself completely to the care and education of the children, sometimes it is not possible because it is necessary that she contributes to the family expense; then it is when you should seek help from a babysitter. But how to know who to hire? How to trust someone you do not know?

Before looking for that person who will be with your children most of the time, you should know what your needs are, for example: how many days a week do you need their services? If you need a car to transport the children? , Is it important that I live near your home to cover an emergency? Make sure you do not earn more money than you earn at work if in addition to caring for your children you need to cook or do household activities.

Write in a notebook the ideal babysitter profile you need and start looking for it. Remember these 5 keys that will help you find it easily.

1. Word of mouth recommendation

nannyIt is much more reliable to find a nanny when friends, neighbors, colleagues, family members or the mothers of your children’s school recommend it to you. This is a very important point which you should contemplate since if you put an ad in any printed media, you will not be 100% sure that the recommendations you ask are true. When the nanny has worked for one of your acquaintances and has successfully completed her work, do not hesitate to meet her and ask her your way of working and conditions. Continue reading:¬†Early diagnosis of autism: Possible target

2. The holder of some degree of studies

If you require support with the tasks of your children, it is essential that the nanny be an academically prepared person, at least that they know how to read and write to support them. Ideally, the person has some degree of childcare education or teaching in early childhood education; since it will be of great help to entrust the education of your children.

When the nanny has an academic background, be assured that she will be in charge of giving your children the necessary tools to integrate into society, will help you with the health care they require and the emotional development they need. Keep reading http://optimaspecialty.com/tips-and-ideas/pros-and-cons-of-home-working/

3. Empathic with children and parents

nannyThis point is important because communication between children, parents and the nanny should be clear, frank and direct. Respect must exist between the three links. The nanny must adapt to the style of the family without invading intimate spaces. The ideal is for children to have empathy, to play and have fun. Remember that children will create a bond of innate love with her.

If you notice that your children do not like the person you chose even if they cover all the characteristics, do not hesitate to look for other options, since they will be with you all the time.

4. Know the nanny’s environment

To have 100% reliability in what she says and does, it is important to know the environment of the nanny, such as: where does she live? Does she have children or family? What are her tastes or hobbies? Are your friends or family? Remember the phrase “information is power”. The more you know about his life, the greater the confidence in depositing the life of your children.

I do not say that you send her to investigate previously, but it is important to open a clear communication bond, your children are the ones that will be in your care. That way you will know if she is reliable, stable, responsible and competent.

5. Have additional experience

nannyI mean that you know of first aid so that you know how to act in a correct way before any unforeseen event, that knows how to cook so that your children eat healthily, that has a car to take your children to carry out any sports activity, that has availability of schedule, that is foreign or speak another language so that your children learn different languages and cultures, that lives near your house among others.

Remember that the important thing is that as parents have the confidence and security that the chosen nanny will be very helpful. It is not impossible to find a person with these characteristics. If after a while you have not found anything, you can go to specialized agencies where they will help you find that ideal person that meets your needs.

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