Plants that promote positive energy in your home

promote positive energy

Our home not only needs cleaning to make it look hygienic and free of dirt but also to maintain a balanced environment full of positive energy that can drive away the bad intentions, thoughts, and vibrations that in one way or another can harm us. Remember that sometimes we tend to be too susceptible to bad energies and we need to purify our mind, soul, body, and home and to achieve that you only have to obtain a series of spectacular plants that fulfill a protective and energetic function in your home.

Plants that promote positive energy

Basil promote positive energy in your home

promote positive energy in your home

It is known for being an excellent plant for our culinary dishes, but in addition to that, it is special to purify the atmosphere of the place where you are. If you have a basil plant in your house, rest assured that you will feel much lighter, free of stress, fatigue, and worries. On the other hand, you can use it for several occasions because it has anti-inflammatory, antitoxic and antioxidant properties excellent for the nervous system, skin, and organs at a general level. You can place a basil pot in the windows of your house and in your room.

Bamboo promote positive energy in your home

promote positive energy in your home

In Feng Shui, this plant has a quite positive meaning, because it symbolizes purity and luck. Anyone who has Bamboo in their home will have positive energies, prosperity, luck, abundance, love, and happiness, in addition to enjoying a good mental health and free of stress. The best thing about this plant is that it does not need much care and you can place it in any area of your house, either in pots, small vases or some small rocks to give a touch of elegance to your home.

Jasmine promote positive energy in your home

promote positive energy in your home

It represents love, kindness and spiritual wealth. It is a very beautiful and fresh flower that serves to raise the body’s defenses, prevent and eradicate fevers, protect the immune system and improve our mood. You can plant jasmine in your home and place it in your room or in the areas you frequent most to have access to you and keep away from all kinds of negative thoughts that you may have or that people have towards you.

Rosemary promote positive energy in your home

promote positive energy in your home

Rosemary has been used for many years to combat various diseases and conditions, for example, joint and muscle pain, skin discomfort, problems relating to digestion, metabolism, intestinal and nervous system at a general level. Its essential oils are spectacular for the skin and its aroma can immerse us in a state of mental tranquility, so much so that it is recommended to fall asleep.

Sage promote positive energy  in your home

promote positive energy in your home

It is antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic and contains quite powerful antioxidant properties. It can act quickly in the nervous system to improve mood and having it in our homes will cause negative vibrations to come out immediately. You can use it in different ways, be it in infusions, culinary dishes or simply plant it and place it in a central place in your house.

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