How to decorate a dining room with vintage furniture?

vintage furniture

If you are looking for a classic and distinguished design for your dining room, we have a great alternative to introducing yourself. It is about vintage, a design that will transport you to past times.  In case you have no idea how to achieve it, you can start with these tips to decorate a dining room with vintage furniture.

What is the vintage style?vintage furniture

The vintage would be the “midpoint” between the furniture of the present and the antiques. To put it in everyday words, they are old furniture, but not so much.

Vintage furniture has distinctive characteristics that make them very valuable. Therefore, do not be surprised if any piece of this style far exceeds the price you would have imagined for it.

Some have been made with materials that today are no longer used, such as rosewood. It may also that your designer has been a prominent person, so the element has retained and even increased its value over the years.

Finally, the two most important features of vintage furniture. First, quality: indisputably the passage of time is not a problem for them; on the other, exclusivity. Given his qualities as distinctive and resources of the era in which they were made, these units are not available in large quantities.

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Tips for decorating a dining room with vintage furniture

We know that decorating a dining room with vintage furniture is not an everyday thing. Therefore, you can start with these principles to guide you through this complex but fun process.

Learn how to decorate a dining room with vintage furniture.

1. Tables and chairsvintage furniture

A first step to decorate a vintage dining room are these elements. A great idea is to put together chairs of different styles and, preferably, of different colors. Although it seems strange, this combination often gives a retro but colorful look to the dining rooms.

On the other hand, sidewalks can also provide theirs. It does not matter if they are somewhat unpainted; On the contrary, the deteriorated aspect is very good, as long as we know how to take advantage of it.

2. Take into account the time

The best way to know how to combine any furniture you use in this room is to find out when it was manufactured or had its splendor. It may seem like a trifle, but in fact, it can be very useful from the aesthetic point of view.

For example, if you have a table from the 70s, make an attempt to get other furniture that is from that time. If you think about it, the effect will be much better than using it with chairs from twenty years ago, for example. At the end of accounts, every detail counts; you do not have to use the vintage just because yes and without any sense.

3. The wallsvintage furniture

The decoration of the walls has varied from decade to decade. However, upholstered with different motifs have been almost constant. In terms of colors, light tones such as white or cream stand out; For the contrasts in furniture and textiles, turquoise blue and dark green go very well.

Floral patterns can also be used. However, it is not advisable to use them on all walls, as it would be too overloaded.

4. Accessories and complementary furniture

Beyond the elements already listed, there are many other details that will have the same or more incidence to decorate a dining room with vintage furniture. An example of this are the showcases; in them, you can place crockery, portraits and other elements that make reference to the past. Avoid, of course, digital devices and other technological objects.

Also, think about placing woven folders and vases on the tables and pictures on the walls that also connect with past decades. A secret: you can use current photos in sepia or black and white. Chandeliers and lamps spider, meanwhile, offer great elegance to space.

5. Floorsvintage furniture

As a final point, we will focus the focus on the floors. If you have wooden floors, perfect. On the other hand, if you must choose tiles to place, try to internalize those that were used specifically in an era.

Also, you must take into account the rest of the furniture and the color or upholstery of the wall to make the final decision. Do not neglect the curtains or the upholstery of the cushions of the chairs or armchairs.

The final advice is to not be afraid. Do not escape to the rustic, the bright colors or those paintings that you would never have imagined hanging. Have you noticed how well these elements can be combined?

It’s just a matter of planning and visualizing. In addition, you can decorate a dining room with vintage furniture with a very moderate budget, since you can perfectly recondition things that seem already unusable. Turn on your creativity and hands on the job!

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