5 Fun Foreign Language Projects for Your Homeschooler

Fun Foreign Language

Homeschooling your child can be an incredible experience for both of you, and fun projects are a great way to make your child’s education even more enriching. If you’re looking for new ways to practice a foreign language, here are five easy projects to try.

Have a Foreign Potluck

No matter what language your child is studying, you can throw a potluck with traditional foods from the country of origin. Encourage your child to research popular foods in the region and find recipes for the ones you most want to try. You can cook together or make your dishes separately and surprise each other. When it’s time to eat, have your child teach you a bit about the history of the dish (preferably in their foreign language).

Go On a Scavenger Hunt

You can easily take a scavenger hunt up a notch by giving your children a list in their foreign language. Whether you search for objects around the house or take a field trip to the park to hunt for things in nature, your children can practice reading comprehension in the foreign language and have fun in the process.

Retell Your Favorite Story

If your students have a favorite book, TV show or movie, challenge them to retell it in the foreign language being studied. If the plot and dialogue contain vocabulary that hasn’t been learned yet, make sure they have access to dictionaries and translation websites to help them piece it all together. For added fun, you can put their translated version through an English translating site and see how accurate they were!

Put On a News Broadcast

For the more theatrical students, have them tackle two topics at once by putting on a news broadcast in their foreign language. Have them research current events for their performance and challenge them to give the entire presentation without using their native language. This kind of hands-on activity is one of the most useful types of holistic learning materials at your disposal.

Watch Your Favorite Movie

Sometimes, you just need to forgo the busy work and take it easy. One of the easiest ways to relax and still build your foreign language skills is by watching your favorite film in another language. If you’re using a DVD or Blu-Ray, simply visit the settings menu and see what language dubs are available. You may also be able to find your favorite films online in different languages.

No matter what language your children are learning, these fun projects are an easy way to help them refine their skills and have fun in the process.

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