4 Different ways to decorate a romantic dinner

romantic dinner

A couple’s evening merits calculating down to the smallest detail to cause the impression we want. For this, we must put all the effort at the moment of being hosts. Learn to decorate a romantic dinner with the following tips.

Details to decorate a romantic dinner

Beyond the style that we look for, there are certain elements that definitely cannot be missing in a romantic dinner worth its salt. We list them below:

A good wine:

romantic dinner

Without wine, there is practically no romantic dinner. The specialists recommend, for these occasions, the varieties Maria Valley Pinot, Glac Rose or Rioja Bordon. Of course, there are many other options, these are just the most refined for memorable evenings; Feel free to experiment according to the preferences of both. Continue reading: Positive Attitude:11 tips to maintain a positive attitude

Appropriate music:

When imagining a passionate evening, the first thing that resonates in our mind is slow music. Romantic classics have a particular charm, but modern singer-songwriters also offer phenomenal alternatives.

Dim lighting:

A fundamental factor if there is one. The white lights and strong remove all the charm you can plan with decoration or music. Rather, opt for soft, diffuse lights and, if possible, add some reddish hue, the color of passion. Keep reading https://wikimodel.org/reviews/create-a-relaxing-space-with-new-bedroom-furniture/

Luxury food:

romantic dinnerIf you’re going to cook, try hard. You can not offer a romantic dinner with a pizza or hamburgers. Salmon and meats are excellent menus, although you can also present a pasta dish with the style that the occasion demands. Advice: consider aphrodisiac dishes. And do not forget the desserts!

4 ways to decorate a romantic dinner

Once indicated the essential components to decorate a romantic dinner, we will proceed to offer five great alternatives for an unforgettable evening. Take note and plan the occasion you’ve been waiting for so long.

1. Basic romantic dinner

If you prefer simplicity, there is no problem. You can achieve a very beautiful decoration with just a few quality touches. First, place a black tablecloth on the table, without covering the entire tablecloth.

Then, place the crockery; It is preferable that you use the best you have. If you’re going to release something, what better time than this. On the plates, place napkins of black color neatly folded; to the sides, the knife, the fork, and the spoon. A very classy detail is to add two red roses, one on each plate.

The centerpiece can be made with tall red candles. Around it, it distributes rose petals and places bijouterie ornaments, these provide an excellent detail. Of course, you can not miss the two drinks per person.

Finally, it complements with light, music, and wine as we previously commented. Although minimalist, this decoration looks good in all environments; You can not fail if you use it.

2. Romantic dinner with homemade decorations

romantic dinnerIf you are skilled for crafts, we present some very useful recommendations. First, you must place the elemental: tablecloth, napkins, crockery, glasses, and candles.

As a centerpiece, however, you will opt for something more prepared. First, take an empty jar and place a cut-out magazine sheet inside with phrases and hearts drawn on it.

Add a ribbon to the neck or top of the bottle to give the final touch to an excellent candelabrum. It is better if you stick the base of the candle on the bottom of the bottle to prevent it from tipping over.

You can also make a beautiful centerpiece by gluing artificial flowers on a base, which can be a florerito or even another decorated bottle. To adhere them, it is advisable to use hot silicone.

Lastly, you can place a written page with the menu and a special dedication in a small picture frame in the center of the table. This shows that everything has been prepared for that person in particular.

3. Romantic dinner on wooden tables

If you have a rustic wooden table to place next to the fireplace or outdoors, this decoration can serve you. Its protagonists will be the colors of the leaves and flowers.

You will not need much more than this to achieve a totally distinguished dinner. The table will do its thing with just adding white crockery, beautiful glasses of red wine and red candles.

As for the food, you can opt for dishes that contain colorful vegetables, so that enhance the environment along with the plants and flowers you choose to decorate the table.

4. Romantic dinner on the patio

The last of the options to decorate a romantic dinner will take you outdoors. If you have a space near a tree in your house, do not hesitate to take advantage of it.

romantic dinnerIt’s simple: place a table with a light colored tablecloth along with two chairs. Add white napkins and the inevitable candles and wine glasses. In this case, a centerpiece that provides lighting would be a good alternative.

The touch of distinction of the scene you will get with the use of trees, plants and other garden elements to add lights. You can use hanging lamps or floor lamps that are customarily placed in the yard. Undoubtedly, a great option for the warm summer nights.

Finally, do not hesitate to use any other element available to add beauty and uniqueness to the decoration of the environment.

A romantic dinner is a great gesture towards the couple and it is the perfect moment for proposals, announcements and any other news. Bet on creativity with love!

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