4 Activities that will help you stay calm in difficult situations

stay calm

Facing difficult situations or stressful times can test our ability to stay calm. The truth is that it is not at all easy to remain calm in difficult situations. However, with practice and dedication, we will be able to develop the discipline that is needed to generate self-control and be able to maintain calm in difficult situations.

Self-control can be defined as the ability of people to maintain control of themselves, and also calm, in difficult situations, stressful, or causing strong emotions. Or even in hostile or dangerous situations.

This implies the ability to resist and maintain a positive attitude when we are under constant stress.

4 activities that will help you stay calm in difficult situations

1. Controlled breathing

The breathing process is unconscious. That is, we do it automatically and without making any effort. However, the exercise of controlled breathing involves breathing deeply and slowly. This simple method of breathing is one of the most efficient ways to stay calm down and control strong emotions under stressful conditions.stay calm

The most efficient breathing to maintain calm is diaphragmatic breathing. This is also known as abdominal breathing.

The diaphragm, when it contracts, moves the abdomen and moves the organs down.

This breathing is achieved by inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth (with the diaphragm).

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2. Divert thoughts

Although it may seem an unorthodox method, it is also effective. Diverting thoughts to others less stressful can help us regain control and stay calm. The thoughts are our own worst enemies in difficult times.stay calm

They can help us overcome the moment, or sink much more into stress. Therefore, it is necessary that we learn to control what we think in order to avoid having “terrorist thoughts” that make the situation even more difficult.

3. Identify the causes of stress

There are also other factors that can contribute to stress, and for which we must use other methods. A clear example of these cases is hormonal changes. For example, women suffer from premenstrual syndrome.stay calm

Once a month, women suffer from a hormonal fall just before menstruation. This causes us a lot of stress and brings changes in the mood.

The same happens after delivery when there is a substantial decrease in hormones that cause us a lot of stress. And also, during menopause, many hormones are lost in a sustained and progressive way, which causes an excess of stress in many women.

4. Manage your body well

Body language is extremely important when wanting to handle difficult situations or stress. Here we should mention the theory of James-Lange. This establishes that the nervous system creates physiological responses in response to experiences and stimuli.

Some of these physiological responses include muscle tension, tearing or accelerating heart rate, among others. From these physiological responses is where emotions are created.

That is, when we are in a stressful situation, our nervous system can tense muscles, and in response to this muscle tension, we feel fear and we lose control of emotions. So, to fight against these physiological responses, we must learn to control our body.stay calm

Therefore, when we are facing a difficult situation, relax the shoulders and arms, and even the neck. We will accompany you with a deep breath and close your eyes. This combination of actions will help us to relax immediately. This way we can handle the difficult situation that we are suffering at that moment.

If, on the other hand, we remain tense, we will be on our nerves and lose control of ourselves. We could even suffer a nervous breakdown if the stressful situation continues for a long time. In some cases, stress can cause the superficial blood capillaries to break and we begin to “sweat blood”. Therefore, it is very important to learn to handle all the difficult situations that may arise.

With these tips, you will surely manage to remain to stay calm in difficult situations. Put them into practice and you will notice it in a positive way.

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