Lyme Disease: What is the syndrome that hit Avril Lavigne?

To have Lyme disease, an infection from a tick bite the Canadian star Avril Lavigne has publicly stated that it can cause very serious problems.

It is widespread, in the world there are frequent cases, such as in Austria, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Canada. We speak of Lyme disease; an infection caused by a tick bite in 2013 hit the singer Avril Lavigne, now halfway through its course of treatment after a troubled period of diagnosis.

lyme-disease-what-is-the-syndrome-that-hit-avril-lavigneLyme disease

The name of this syndrome refers to the town of Lyme, Connecticut, where in 1975 there was a strong outbreak of this disease. The cause of the disease is the sting of the mint, very present in wooded areas and close to the deer that constitute the ‘ideal habitat of this mite.

Diagnose Lyme syndrome is rather difficult because the early symptoms of the disease are fairly generic and common to other disorders: headaches, fatigue, skin rash, muscle pain, stiffness of the limbs. If not detected in time, Lyme disease can cause meningitis and arthritis so severe as to be capable of paralyzing the limbs.

It is the risk to which he was going to meet Avril Lavigne. Before you contact the doctor who identified the correct cause of his prolonged malaise, other specialists have given the diagnosis of chronic fatigue and depression, false conclusions that were likely to focus care on other roads and allow endemic infection of propagate with serious consequences.

The singer is now halfway through its journey of healing and launches a warning to those who, like you, fights against uncommon diseases and difficult to recognize: Just because something is difficult, do not let them win. Listen to your body. The media is all over, as well as research, knowledge, and the right doctor.

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