FDA in favor of the drug that stimulates female sexual desire

The Federal Drug Administration approved the flibanserin, a drug to stimulate sexual desire in women.

The US Federal agency committee that oversees food and drug safety (FDA) has come out in favor of flibanserin with 18 votes in favor and 9 against. It is an important decision because it contrasts with the previous two votes, both to the detriment of the medicine, and represents the recognition of the right of good female sexuality, a theme that, in America, have fought and are fighting numerous associations for woman rights.

fda-in-favor-of-the-drug-that-stimulates-female-sexual-desireWhat is it and what does flibanserin?

They call it pink Viagra or Viagra for women, it’s actually a totally wrong name because the flibanserin is a pink pill that acts on women’s sexual desire and not on the physical dysfunctions as Viagra does for men.

Socket before a report sexual, the blue pill helps the blood flow to the penis and allows an erection necessary to the sexual act. The flibanserin, however, acts on a completely different premise: not designed to resolve physical and mechanical malfunctions, but impediments of neurological origin, which effectively block the sexual desire in women.

The purpose of the flibanserin is to help women who suffer from the so-called hypoactive sexual desire, that is, low sexual desire. The drug works in the brain to adjust the level of two neurotransmitters: dopamine, linked to pleasure and fulfillment mechanisms, and norepinephrine, released in response to a strong external stimulus. Also, to be effective, flibanserin must be taken every night, just like with an inserted medicinal continued therapy and not sporadic.

Flibanserin: side effects and doubts

Despite the votes in favor, some doubts on the effective validity of flibanserin: among women who have undergone the clinical trial, it is slightly higher number of sexual relations and the increase of desire among those who took the flibanserin and those who took a placebo drug.

to this, we add the concern about the negative side effects such as low blood pressure, fainting and nausea that are intensified in conjunction with taking other medications, alcohol, or birth control pills.

Flibanserin yes or no? After the vote, the FDA will express a final opinion in August when, hopefully, we will find a solution to reduce or eliminate the side effects.

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