8 Amazing things that a blood test can reveal about you

blood test

According to recent studies, a blood test could reveal a lot about you and your health. We already know that we can use blood tests to detect diseases such as diabetes or anemia. However, it’s not just about that. A blood test could reveal extremely accurate and amazing details about your health. But which ones? Well, it’s simple!

Here are 8 amazing things that a blood test can reveal about you. Our blood is indeed revealing many things about our health. By studying it, one may be able to truly understand the state of health of a patient. It’s incredibly useful and we did not know it long ago! This is a recent Swedish study that shows us that we have more than 1000 measurable proteins in our blood. We can learn a lot about us in a simple way!

1. Your biological age

Performing a blood test can reveal your biological age. But what is our biological age? This is a different age from the one shown on our IDs. It’s not the time that has passed since you were born. Biological age is the state and age of your internal organs compared to the average of people of the same age as you. This is a measure of your health status relative to your age to put you on an average.

blood testAccording to a study in Sweden, our blood contains a lot of proteins. These proteins measure different practical variables to understand our state of health. By studying them, we could among other things understand our true biological age. Just that! According to these studies, smoking, consuming too much sugar or being overweight increases your biological age from 2 to 6 years.

2. Your risk of contracting Alzheimer’s disease

A blood test could determine your risk of contracting Alzheimer’s disease in the future. Indeed, Alzheimer’s disease is a degenerative disease particularly affecting memory. It causes progressive mental deterioration. According to a study conducted in the United Kingdom in 2015, it would be possible to determine its risks of contracting it. Indeed, our blood contains a protein related to the development of the disease.

By studying a person’s blood, one could calculate a person’s risk of contracting the disease in the next 10 years. It is not yet something sure, but research seems to be moving in that direction. So we pay attention to that! If you have a family history of Alzheimer’s disease, it may be useful to pay attention to advanced research in this area. Continue reading: Anxiety, depression and self-abandonment

3. If you have ever had a head injury

By performing a blood test, you can find out if you have had head trauma recently. Pretty amazing, no? Well, it’s simple. Some proteins in your blood could diagnose your blood trauma for up to 7 days after being injured. This can be extremely useful. Indeed, it is sometimes very difficult to diagnose these types of problems, and therefore to treat them. This way could really save lives.

4. Your level of hydration

Your level of hydration could also be revealed by a blood test. Indeed, dehydration is something dangerous. It can lead to cognitive decline, fatigue, but also have negative effects on your heart’s health. About 20% of seniors in retirement homes suffer from dehydration because they do not drink enough fluids. It would now be possible to notice dehydration through the blood.

blood testIndeed, a recent study shows that our blood could reveal our level of hydration. This discovery could save lives. Indeed, it is otherwise difficult to diagnose this condition. It is usually necessary to ask the person how much water they drink per day. From now on, we can quickly attest to the level of hydration of a person. This could help to help patients more effectively.

5. Your mood/depression

One could also determine the mood and intensity of someone’s depression through a blood test. Rather strange, no? Indeed, it is nowadays very difficult to diagnose mental illnesses and mood disorders. Often only the psychological part of the disease is used to make a diagnosis. However, these disorders are both physiological and psychological.

It is now possible, according to a recent Australian study, to determine a person’s level of depression through his blood. Indeed, depression causes hormonal changes but also chemical in the blood. The blood of a depressed person will contain fewer hormones than a person who does not suffer from this disease. It is, therefore, an important and interesting medical discovery.

6. All the colds that you already had

With the help of a blood test, you could notice all the colds you have had in the past. Indeed, your blood contains somehow your entire medical history. Any colds and viruses you have contracted can be observed by studying your blood. According to a recent study, every time we get sick, our body creates new types of antibodies. These continue to flow in your blood throughout your life. So you can determine all the diseases you have suffered in your life.

7. Your chances of becoming an alcoholic

Another amazing thing that a blood test can reveal? The risk of alcoholism. Indeed, in the face of this disease, we are not all equal. A chemical particle present in our blood reveals whether or not we are at risk of alcoholism. These levels are generally higher among university students who tend to drink a lot during the holidays. The more we drink, the more we have risks of developing an addiction, therefore.

blood testIt is also important to know that alcoholism has a hereditary dimension. If our ancestors and parents have suffered from this problem, we are much more likely to suffer as well. It is therefore always extremely important to pay attention to this. This is how you can prevent certain risks and stay healthy.

8. Your anxiety

Yes, a blood test could also reveal your stress levels and anxiety. How is it possible? Well, anxiety is not just an emotion. It’s something that affects our muscles, our fatigue, our movements and so much more. According to studies in Jerusalem, we could identify anxiety in our body by looking for a protein released by our body when we are under stress.

You now know all the things that your blood can tell about your health! For the most part, it’s truly impressive! Our blood is a real tool to discover our state of health. Blood tests can tell us a lot about our past, present and future pathologies. It is therefore important to pay attention to this!

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