10 tricks for men to make the shopping experience a pleasant moment

Tricks for men to make the shopping experience a pleasant moment

Buying is an almost sacred ritual. Going from store to store, searching for the required garment, comparing prices, fabrics, models, and styles is an activity that requires time and dedication. It cannot be done lightly. Some people think that it is easy to buy: you enter the store of your choice, choose, test, and decide, pay and leave, there is no more. However, this activity goes much further. It requires patience, a good eye to choose the clothes and above all, good taste. In this article, we give you 10 tricks for men to make the shopping experience a pleasant moment.

It is not of another world, nor is it something that is impossible to realize. Buying can be a relaxing and even pleasant activity. There is no need to break your head or want to kill the seller, just learn a few simple steps that will make the shopping experience a pleasant and comforting moment.

10 steps to make the shopping experience a pleasant moment:

  • Be clear about what you are going to buy
  • Keep in mind what clothes interest you
  • Try on several garments
  • Go accompanied
  • Turn the store several times
  • Know your size
  • Be basic
  • Stay tuned for offers
  • Guide online
  • Do a store inspection

1. Be clear about what you are going to buy

Men are usually very specific. They know what they want and they go to the place where they sell it. Do not stop doing it, but look at several stores. If what you want is a white shirt, for example, visit at least three different stores, you may find the same with different details that will call your attention, the price may be different or the quality of workmanship. Do not stay only with the first garment. Dedicate time to the search.

Be clear about what you are going to buy            

2. Keep in mind what clothes interest you

This in order to buy only what is necessary. If your jeans stand out in your wardrobe, almost any shirt combines, but if you have shorts or sportswear, the shirt is not the best option. Try to buy the clothes you will wear most often for everything you keep in the closet.

3. Try on several garments

Maybe you want to buy a shirt and suddenly, you get a pair of jeans, a leather jacket or even a pair of shoes on the way. Make an analysis of what you like, what you require and if it suits you to buy both or just one. In the same way, consider the materials and prices.Try on several garments

4. Go accompanied to make your shopping experience a pleasant moment

Maybe, sharing the activity with someone else is the much better option for both, since you will not only know the tastes of another person, but it will help you to focus your own and while you have an opinion about the shirt you are going, your companion can suggest other models.Go accompanied to make your shopping experience a pleasant moment

5. Turn the store several times

Check what’s there. From the most basic garment to the most incredible eccentricities. Sometimes, the more you search the better deals you find. They are discounts on fabrics, prices, quality or sizes. That is, behind a dresser you may find the shirt you are looking for, but in a size that fits you better.

6. Know your size

Learn what the true build of your body is and then, choose the ideal size, which may be smaller or greater than you always use. Remember, anyway, try on the clothes you are about to buy. It does not matter if you have to return several sizes of jeans or if you take three sizes of the same garment to the tester. Remember that each store has an average of sizes that vary a bit. If you are or will be a frequent consumer, you should know what size you are in each store.

7. Be basic

If you do not like shopping, you should buy what best suits you not to return in a while: white shirts and some color prints, t-shirts, jeans, more formal pants, sneakers, miner’s boots. A pair of ties, a black suit and one of color (gray or brown), sports socks, socks, boxers, leather jacket and even accessories such as a cap or a watch. Do not buy all the same day, but create your own list of basics and analyze very well what you use most often and how you should combine it.Be basic

8. Stay tuned for offers

When summer ends, most stores put their clothes at half price or with a significant discount. Go to them and if you find a garment of your choice, do not hesitate to buy it. Make the account, it may be better for you to buy two or three different items on offer, one per month or each time you think you need it. In general, offers last longer in men’s clothing, since almost no boy enjoys shopping; few find out about offers and discounts.

9. Guide online

Check online catalogs to buy what you want without any problem. This guide serves to be able to go with the employees of the place and be very specific. This way you will not feel pressured by their suggestions or by not finding the garment of your preference.

10. Do a store inspection

This in order to know what you like or what place offers more products for you. Maybe the fashion store does not have everything you need, while the smallest, the one that has very few people entering through its doors, has a wider variety for you.Do a store inspection

Buying is an experience that is enjoyed and felt. Take your time to find the clothes that you like and that fit your body, learn from the experience of buying, is not a risky activity, or exclusive to women. We can all learn to buy a garment that fits the body and makes us look more attractive. Take a risk to go shopping.

We hope you will like these 10 tips to make the shopping experience a pleasant moment. We want your comments and suggestions to improve our ideas. Wish you a very happy new year!

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