10 Things you need to know about eyelash extensions before an application

eyelash extensions

The long and abundant eyelashes have become a trend more than makeup lovers love. Unfortunately, with the passage of time and due to the constant use of mascara or curling iron, the lashes begin to fall, which is why they resort to eyelash extensions or inserts, but we must be careful when applying them.

Although the eyelash extensions ensure a perfect and beautiful look, its application requires a rather laborious and time-consuming technique, since they are stuck one by one. On the other hand, a lot of care is needed to prevent them from falling suddenly. If you are thinking of putting them on, these are some things you should know.

Here we write 10 tips for your eyelash extensions

1. Always look for a professionaleyelash extensions

Although eyelash extensions are more expensive, remember that the health of your eyes is in the way. If you are looking for a professional, make sure you know your previous work and at the time of application, verify that the extensions and the glue are new. Continue reading  How to be a more elegant woman with some simple tricks

2. Make sure you are a candidate

The application technique is not harmful to health, but if you have any type of allergy or eye sensitivity, then you must take it into account. In addition, if your eyelashes fall constantly the follicle will not be able to sustain the extensions.

3. You have to know how to take care of them

It’s not just about having them and showing them off. A growth stimulator must be applied so that your natural lashes stay strong and hold the others. You also have to avoid using mascara and wash them with soap and water. Remember that your average life is about 90 days, after that you have to let your eyes rest if you want to re-apply them.

4. Oil products do not go well with them

eyelash extensionsThey destroy the glue of the extensions, which causes them to fall faster. If you use a makeup remover, make sure it does not contain oils or keep it away from your eyelashes.

5. The cotton on the pillows can damage them

Believe it or not, the material of your pillowcases can cause friction and make them fall little by little. It is best to replace them with silk ones.

6. Do not touch them

Even if it causes you the intense curiosity to touch them during the day, keep your hands away from them. Especially if they are dirty, the bacteria can cause infections.

7. They are not eternal

If you want to keep it in volume, try to retouch them every month so that they look healthy and abundant.

8. You can make up with any product

eyelash extensionsYou can make up your eyes perfectly with any type of makeup; Yes, it is advised that you do not use waterproof products because when you remove them, they can cause them to fall.

9. Keep them dry for 24 hours

After eyelash extensions, you must keep them dry for a period of 24 hours. If you wet them before the glue dries, you could make them fall and all your money would go to the trash.

10. Avoid using the curler

eyelash extensionsThis instrument is ideal for curving natural eyelashes, but the eyelash extensions already have shape, avoid using it because you could break them and make them fall more easily.

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