7 Tips to be happier every day

be happier

Are you happy? This is a question that is often difficult to answer. Happiness is something difficult to define, and the greatest philosophers have wondered about its true nature for years without being able to give a real definition. Is happiness a state, a moment, a state of mind, an end in itself? And when he is there, do we necessarily notice? To be happier, how?

Although its definition is complex and sometimes seems to slip through our fingers, we think that being happy is learned. There are simple ways to be happier in your everyday life, and we decided to share them with you today. Are you ready?

Let’s go for our 7 tips to be happier every day! Promised, you will not regret it!

1. Accept your emotions

To be happier, the first step is to learn to reconnect with your emotions. Indeed, one of the main causes of our misery is our refusal to fully experience our emotions, especially our negative emotions. Never feeling negative is impossible, and pushing yourself to repress negative emotions is dangerous. By doing this, we simply delay the process and become a real time bomb, ready to explode at the slightest trouble, and sometimes without reason.

be happierWe are used to fleeing our sadness and anger, to try to rationalize everything or to drink to forget when we are sad, to force ourselves to smile, to go to sleep: sometimes we should lower our guard and accept to feel what you feel, be it sadness, anger or fear. It can be scary at first glance, but you get used to it quickly and we are thankful for it. Do not run away from your emotions! Continue reading: 8 Fundamental keys for a healthy family coexistence

2. Take risks

To be happy, you have to take risks, get out of your comfort zone and try things you would not have thought before. In fact, taking risks allows you to grow as a person, to challenge yourself and to gain confidence in yourself: a key when it comes to finding happiness. We can not be happy if we do not feel good in our own body and in our own head!

It’s not necessarily about climbing on Mount Everest on a whim, but trying to make new things every day, step by step. Start with simple things like daring to dance in front of a group if you’re not used to it, trust someone, or start playing sports. It does not matter, it’s about getting out of your comfort zone so you know what you’re capable of!

3. Live the present moment

To be happy, nothing like living the moment. Indeed, the future may never arrive and the past is behind us: it is impossible to revive or erase it. To rehash it is therefore of no use. Our mental health is only good when we detach ourselves from our expectations of the future and our fears or traumas of the past. Focusing on the present and what can be done to improve it allows us to have some control over our lives, control that we would not have if we focused on the past and the future.

be happierDoing this requires real work on yourself and takes time, but it is still quite feasible. It is not a question of detaching oneself from one’s past totally and brutally (our past is and will remain the foundation of our identity) but of learning how to leave it behind without weighing it down, holding us back and haunting us. Realizing that you only live once is a good way to do it: if you stick to the past, you do not improve your present and who knows how much time we have left?

4. Laugh

Laughing is not only good for morale, it’s good for your health. On average, a child laughs 200 times a day. An adult, on the other hand, laughs only 15 times a day. And between a child and an adult, generally, who seems to us the happiest? Taking life too seriously is never good, we need to relax, relax the pressure so we can recharge and find the energy we need to fuel.

To be happy then, you have to laugh often. Go out with your friends and loved ones, watch funny movies, make jokes: in short, everything to laugh, have a good time and release the pressure. Surround yourself with people who laugh often: yes, laughter is contagious! We also tend to find people who laugh often more attractive than those who laugh or smile less! So we have no excuse!

5. Be introspective

Introspection is “looking inward”, self-analyzing. “Looking inside yourself”, asking yourself questions about how you feel, how to live, how to feel, is a good thing for our happiness. Indeed, when we live without asking questions, we tend to repress certain emotions or to behave in a way that would harm us. What to do? Well, it is necessary to ask where one is in life from time to time, to take the time to analyze oneself.

be happierMeditating on oneself is one of the best things to achieve a state of inner peace and to be happier. You can choose to keep a diary, a valuable tool for introspection, or simply take the time to think or meditate while running, taking time for yourself, or practicing an activity such as yoga. To understand oneself and to know oneself is the key to happiness. As Aristotle said, “Know thyself.”

6. Living according to one’s own principles

As human beings, we need principles to live a happy and fulfilling life. These principles can come from different sources, be it a particular philosophy, a religion, a culture or its education. However, it is important to make sure not to adhere to principles that do not fit our ideals and our way of thinking. It is important to reflect on one’s ideals and what one expects from life.

Do what you think is right, and do not force yourself to follow the group effect. Happiness is an individual path strewn with pitfalls: and this path is different for everyone! Knowing how to ignore the opinion of others is a necessary step to happiness. Without that, we become a sheep that follows the group, and that will never lead you to happiness. So to be happier, we think a little more about ourselves!

7. Do what makes us happy

To be happier, nothing like practicing his hobbies. Even if you do not necessarily know it, you inevitably have a hobby, a passion, something in which you excel and that gives you the joy of living. If you do not see anything that fits these criteria it’s just that you have not found it yet! It is important to have a hobby to be truly happy and good about yourself.

be happierAn activity allows us to have confidence in ourselves, to surpass ourselves, to grow our creativity and even to make a network of friends who share our passion and with whom we have common points. Creativity allows us to get out of our daily lives and to feel better, to break free from the daily routine and finally to be happier.

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And you, do you have tips to be more happy to share?

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