Looking After your Lawn and Caring for Your Lawn mower Over the Winter

One of the most important weapons in every gardener’s arsenal is a lawnmower! For that beautiful lawn that is your pride and joy, throughout the spring and summer your lawnmower becomes one of the most regularly used garden tools.

Before the winter comes, there will be a time when you do that last mow before the colder weather sets in. Late October and early November is typically the best time to do that last mow before you pack your lawn mower away for the winter. Do this on a dry day and do a longer cut that you would usually do for this. At this time, you may well have leaves that have fallen on your lawn, so you can combine this activity with clearing all of those old leaves away, turn them into mulch or compost to help your garden in the spring.

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Once you have finished and done that final cut, it is time to put your lawnmower away until the spring. To ensure that it stays in good condition, give it a good clean, removing grass and other debris from it that can get stuck in the blades and the wheels. Give it a good check and if you need to make repairs, you can order parts online, such as these mountfield parts from www.diyspareparts.com/parts/mountfield/ Before putting the mower into storage, make sure that it is dry and clean, to prevent it from corroding over the winter.

Taking care of your lawn over the winter once you have put the mower away is something else that will ensure that you have a good lawn again next spring and summer. You can buy lawn treatments which will help the grass over the harsh weather months. When you get this treatment, check that it is one that is suitable for use over the winter, and can be used during particularly harsh weather, like when there is a frost, or the ground is frozen.

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Good places to keep your lawnmower in the winter are in a shed or a garage. This will keep them well protected from the bad weather outside. Just make sure that you check there is no damp coming in, and that it is weatherproof.

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