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digestive system

8 Signs that your digestive system is causing health problems

Today we talk to your unhealthy digestive system is cause your health problem. Your stomach is like a second brain. It may seem like a crazy idea, but that’s the way it is.

It is a very intelligent organ that is responsible, in a certain way, for taking care of the integral health of all your internal functions and for everything to react as it should.

It’s all about balance and knowing what nutrients to choose when it comes to the health of your digestive system.

When your digestive system malfunctions, it is likely to be starting to become contaminated and to let you know, sometimes very subtly. Continue reading

be happier

7 Tips to be happier every day

Are you happy? This is a question that is often difficult to answer. Happiness is something difficult to define, and the greatest philosophers have wondered about its true nature for years without being able to give a real definition. Is happiness a state, a moment, a state of mind, an end in itself? And when he is there, do we necessarily notice? To be happier, how? Continue reading

blood test

8 Amazing things that a blood test can reveal about you

According to recent studies, a blood test could reveal a lot about you and your health. We already know that we can use blood tests to detect diseases such as diabetes or anemia. However, it’s not just about that. A blood test could reveal extremely accurate and amazing details about your health. But which ones? Well, it’s simple! Continue reading

handle your anger

6 Amazing tips to learn how to handle your anger

Handle your anger it’s really possible!! Let’s go to read this article. Anger is a natural emotion that releases defensive energy. It is part of the basic emotions like fear, sadness or joy. For the baby who is not happy to be put back in bed while he wants to stay in the arms, for the three-year-old who refuses frustrations … anger is a normal reaction. And legitimate, since it is the only mode of communication available to the young child. Continue reading

8 Fundamental keys for a healthy family coexistence

8 Fundamental keys for a healthy family coexistence

Family coexistence is never easy and often difficult situations are generated that can be repeated frequently, and if they are not solved they can end up breaking the family bond. In this article, we will explain the 8 fundamental keys for a healthy family coexistence, to learn to overcome the inevitable crises and to also enjoy altogether of the successes of each one.

These keys are given below

  • First of all, talk
  • Establish moments of conviviality
  • Respect privacy
  • Share tasks
  • Know how to ask for forgiveness
  • Celebrate successes together
  • Never lose respect
  • Avoid arguments
  1. First of all, talk

The basis of all understanding is in communication, and problems that are not spoken, but are simply left there, unresolved, often accumulate and cause major conflicts later on.

If a family member has a problem, we should encourage them to share it, especially if it is a strictly family problem, to find solutions together.

But beware, that does not mean that we should not respect the emotions of each one when the problem is actually a private matter that wants to solve oneself.

  1. Establish moments of conviviality

Sometimes the work schedules are complicated and make the moments in common difficult, but you have to always look for ways to find them. Not only at meal times, but also to do activities, watch a movie, listen to music, dance, exercise, etc.

  1. Respect privacy

As important as looking for moments of coexistence knows how to respect the privacy of each member of the family. One of the issues that cause the most conflicts is that of not letting each person have their private space and their own way of doing things. Once some general guidelines are established, each one should have the freedom to do them in their own way. We must also respect that some have moments or days of more need for isolation.

  1. Share tasks

Carrying a family involves many tasks that children can learn from very young. According to age and availability, but everyone should be able to collaborate in domestic tasks, without having to receive any reward or reward for it. Yes, you can find ways for the little ones in the house to be fun, so that they get used to not seeing it as a burden.

  1. Know how to ask for forgiveness

How much it costs us to ask for forgiveness many times! Sometimes we know we have been wrong but asking for forgiveness is not easy, and yet it is essential for a healthy coexistence. The saying goes that to be wrong is human, but to rectify is wise, and although you have to overcome the pride, the truth is that the reward is a great joy on the part of the people involved. The one who asks for forgiveness, because it causes him satisfaction and takes away a burden from him, and the one who forgives, because he has the possibility of doing so.

  1. Celebrate successes together

Every success of a family member, even for something unimportant, is a joy for everyone. We should not miss the opportunity to celebrate every little achievement. It is not necessary to prepare a party, but you can prepare a special meal, surprise with a detail, or simply share the joy together. The happiness of good times will also give the strength to cope better with the bad. Listen to music,

  1. Never lose respect

Respect is fundamental in all families, especially the elderly and parents, but in fact, among all, there must be a respect. And respect is taught by example. You cannot ask for respect from the children if between the father and the mother is being continually lacking. Even if there is anger or arguments, disrespect should never be allowed.

  1. Avoid arguments

Although problems always arise, it is one thing to talk to try to solve them and quite another to discuss. Of course, we no longer refer to shouting discussions, which are very harmful to coexistence. Discussions affect all family members, even younger children, although we sometimes think that they do not understand what is happening. If we notice that we are nervous we take a while until we notice that we relax, and then we face the problem. Things never look so terrible the next day.

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